Control All The Things Via Android Wear Thanks To Unified Remote

In spirit of doing everything we can from our wrists now thanks to the growing support for Android Wear as a smartwatch platform and apps that are making things happen, we have one more app to place on your radar if you own or will soon own an Android Wear smartwatch. We'll go ahead and assume that you won't mind having a little bit of convenience, so if you like things to be as simple as they can be for small, menial tasks, you should definitely check out Unified Remote for Android now that is has Android Wear support, that is if you aren't already on the up and up about it. The app for those who are unaware, basically lets you control all kinds of stuff on your PC. You can use it to manage the volume, pause and start playback of things like YouTube videos, and well.. pretty much control everything else on your computer too.

It does this with a handful of remote plugins, and of course to make all of this magic work you'll need to make sure that the app is not only installed on your Android device(which will make it show up on your Android Wear smartwatch too)but you'll also need the Unified Remote server installed on your computer, and by the way it supports PC, Mac, and Linux(Mac and Linux in beta)computers so it pretty much covers anything. Except Chrome OS, sadly. Sorry Chromebook and Chromebox owners.

There are a host of remotes for you to do all kinds of things, 18 in all for the free version of the app, or you can drop $3.99 and get all of 40+ remotes to control anything your heart desires. The full version also bumps you up to some extra features, like voice commands, widgets and quick actions, custom remote creations, IR actions and NFC actions. Suffice it to say that the full version of the app seems pretty worth it. All of this can come in extremely handy if you're using you PC to stream YouTube videos to Chromecast. There's also a remote for Plex, another Chromecast compatible app. If you have a need to control and manage stuff from your PC without having to get up from the couch or just simply don't want to tab out of whatever you're doing, give the free version a go and then upgrade if you want more features. You can grab the app from the Play Store link(paid version).

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