Compatible Moto X's Now Have A Single Unified CyanogenMod Nightly Build Called "Ghost"

If you're still using an old school Moto X from the days of 2013, the team at Cyanogen Inc. has some fresh new digs for you in the software department. Sadly this cuts out the Verizon Wireless standard edition model of the Moto X, the AT&T model, and the model sold by Republic Wireless due to a bootloader that can't be unlocked. If you're running one of those versions of the phone then this unfortunately won't work for you. For all of the unlocked models of the Moto X though which applies to the Verizon Developer Edition model, the U.S. T-Mobile /Dev Edition GSM that supports U.S. LTE, and models from Sprint and U.S. Cellular as well as the international GSM model of the Moto X.

If you have a supported device, what Cyanogen has done is basically take the nightlies for all supported Moto X devices and they're putting them all under a single unified build called "Ghost" that you can download and flash. Nightlies here will be the same as others meaning that they'll get fairly quick treatment, usually on a daily basis with a new nightly although sometimes nightlies will skip a day. If you're rooting your device and flashing a custom Cyanogenmod ROM, you're probably already aware that doing so will stop the function of the special features that make the Moto X unique, like the active display and touchless controls. However we'll state it anyway for those who might be looking into rooting and flashing a nightly for the first time.

If this is you're first time flashing any sort of custom firmware on your phone, make sure to read up properly on all related material that you'll need to correctly root your device and get the ROM flashed onto it. The process is pretty simple in most cases, and even though there aren't a lot of steps involved now a days compared a few years ago, you can still make one wrong move and turn your device into nothing more than a paper weight so we always advise to be careful. Other good advice to follow would include making sure that you flash a custom recovery(which you'll pretty much need if you want to flash ROMs)and doing a solid backup before you flash new firmware. If you're ready to roll, you can find the link to the CyanogenMod Ghost nightly below.

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