CoffeeStain Studios Brings All The Buggy, Comical, Craziness Of Goat Simulator To Android

Not too long ago we ended up reporting that CoffeeStain Studios, the team behind the infamous Steam game on PC called Goat Simulator, would be bringing their much loved creation to the wonderful world of Android gaming. They had stated that they were planning to release the game a couple of days from now in a tweet, but that they couldn't hold in the excitement and just had to hit the publish button a little early. So, that's exactly what they did and the game has been live on the Play Store since this morning. Unlike the Goat Simulator for PC, you'll only have to part with $4.99 to get your hands on a copy, compared to the $9.99 Steam counterpart.

If you were waiting to grab a copy of this when it went live you're in luck, and CoffeeStain Studios ensures that all of the bugs, all of the hilarity and all of the same gameplay experiences can be expected in the Android version of the game so that the playing it feels just like it does through the PC version. This is good news for those who already own the game on Steam but wanted to pick it up for mobile and play it on the go as well. We imagine it won't matter to anyone that hadn't played the Steam copy though because they wouldn't have known what they were missing in the first place.

Goat Simulator for the uninitiated has become somewhat of an enigma. There is nothing particularly special about the game in terms of awe inspiring story lines or intensely advanced visuals(although admittedly the game does look pretty good for a game that has you wandering around as goat the entire time)What draws players to the game is the ridiculousness that can come out of every play session. Bugs were intentionally left in because they can make for a random hilarious occurrence at any moment, and that is part of the appeal. If you just can't handle it any longer and you need to cause some mayhem, hit the play store link below and grab Goat Simulator for yourself.

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