Checking The Battery Level On Glass Just Got A Lot Easier

Google Glass has not exactly been the preferred platform for developers to create applications for but that doesn't stop some great apps from being created for it. A new app called battery checker has just made its appearance as a new Glassware app and it brings a simple yet very useful feature to Glass. The ability to check your exact battery percentage with a simple voice command.

The Battery Checker Glassware allows the user to simply say "OK Glass, check the battery" and you will get a response of something along the lines of "Battery level 75 percent". It will even let you know if your Glass is currently charging by saying "charging" at the end of the phrase. Being able to get your exact battery percentage with a voice command is much simpler and easier than doing it the default way. Before you would have to swipe through some cards before you actually got to the battery level you were looking for, this caused users to actually have to physically interact with the Glass to learn their current battery level, which while not terribly difficult, it was less inconvenient and less hands free. Battery Checker marks the 79th app in the Glassware directory which is growing slowly but surely. Now Battery Checker will be alongside some other great and very useful Glassware apps such as Foursquare, IFTTT, Pandora, and OpenTable. It's great to not only see new features being added to Glass through Glassware but also other features being simplified through Glassware, and that's exactly what Battery Checker does.

Apps like Battery Checker are changing the way users interact with Glass to get certain things done and arguably making Glass ever so slightly more socially acceptable. An app creating an easier way to get info other than having to physically interact with this "thing" on your head is a great step forward. If it can help us bleeding edge technology lovers not look like we are half cyborg then it is certainly welcomed here. Are you lucky enough to currently own a pair of Glass? Wanna try this app out? You can download the app by following this link straight to the Battery Checker Glassware page.

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