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The adoption of mobile devices in the corporate world is happening at an unexpectedly fast pace. According to a 2012 Forbes report, mobile device adoption for business purposes is becoming a dominant trend because of the numerous advantages that it provides. Nearly 89 percent of individuals have mobile devices connecting to a corporate network. The number of personal devices used for corporate purposes is also on the rise.

This trend and the high number of people who rely on telecommuting to do their job have led to interesting new developments in the world of video conferencing. Mobile video collaboration is a service that constantly grows in popularity. It enables professionals to participate in virtual meetings on the go. Solutions like Blue Jeans mobile video collaboration have come into existence to address these changing needs. What are the specifics of this technology and what does it take to choose the best solution for mobile video conferencing?


Cross-Platform Compatibility

To benefit fully from video conferencing technology, you have to make sure that it comes with cross-platform compatibility. Cross-platform compatibility stands for the ability to use a wide range of devices and OS with the mobile video collaboration possibility.The Blue Jeans mobile video collaboration solution, for example, works with a wide range of smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. You will get business-quality video and interoperability that allows you to connect to other mobile devices, web browsers, software-based video clients and a range of additional supported platforms.

All employees and business partners should be capable of participating in virtual meetings, sharing documents and making full use of the software's features. If a mobile video collaboration possibility is missing all of these characteristics, you will be making less than full use of the communication option.


Thus, the first task is to make sure that both the office workers that use a computer and the remote workers that rely on a mobile device have equally efficient opportunities to participate in virtual meetings and to share important information.

Ease of Integration

What will it take to add a mobile video conferencing solution to the range of technologies used by your company? Seamless integration and ease of management are two other key features to look for in the best mobile video conferencing software. Most such solutions have become incredibly intuitive and easy to integrate but there could be exceptions.The new software should be compatible with some of the technological solutions that your company is already reliant on. It should be capable of pulling documents from existing directories and becoming fully-integrated in a business process that is already in place.



Many companies work with sensitive information and files that can be exchanged only if the security of the communication method is guaranteed. Security of video conferencing is another key feature to look for.A lot of secure data travels back and forth between the users during a video conferencing sessions. How can you make sure that this data is protected in the most adequate way? Encryption is one of the viable options.

The type of information you are transmitting during smartphone or tablet video conferencing will be determining for the level of encryption that will be most appropriate. The 128-bit AES encryption is considered one of the safest possibilities that the market has to offer.


Scalability and Cloud-Based Solutions

The needs of businesses change all the time, which is why you should be looking for scalability in the mobile video conferencing software that you choose.

A larger company will be looking for centralized management features, reporting and in-depth video conference tracking features. Such companies will also need mobile video conferencing possibilities that can support a big number of simultaneous users. Blue Jeans mobile video collaboration is suitable for up to 25 people, which makes it great for both smaller and larger businesses.


Startups and small companies will have completely different communication needs from the ones of a large corporation. All of these smaller businesses, however, will be expecting some growth in the future. If you own such a business, choose mobile video conferencing software that will be easy to modify as the number of employees grows and your communication needs change.

Finally, pay attention to the availability of cloud-based features. This characteristic of mobile video collaboration will contribute to scalability in the long run. Such solutions require no MCU hardware to back the software. Users can be added on demand and the centralized, web-based workspace will make tracking and communication a whole lot easier.

Improving mobile collaboration depends on the technological solutions that you choose for your company. The best way to pick the right mobile video conferencing software involves a lot of research and comparison of different solutions. Knowing which criteria matter the most will help you pick the products that your workers will make the best use of and the ones that happen to be most cost-efficient.

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