Brain Wars Lets You Challenge Your Friends (And Strangers) To A Battle Of The Brains

So, I hear you fancy yourself as the intelligence type! Quick, skilful, logical and mathematically competent? Good with memory, observation and judgement? Well folks, here is your chance to prove it. Brain Wars is a new game which has just popped up on the Play Store this morning. As you are sooo intelligent you have already no doubt figured out that this is a game in which you can challenge your friends, family and even strangers to a quick battle of the brains.

The game is fast and each go will only take a minute or two to complete. Once you are logged in (you can log-in properly with Facebook or just enter a nickname) you can hit the challenge button and you will randomly be paired against someone else in the world. From that point the battle is on and consists of three short brain tests to complete. You battle with your opponent at the same time and so you can see their scores as well as yours as you go along. Once you finish the three tests the game adds your scores up and compares against your opponent declaring you the winner or the loser. In addition, the results page gives you a quick breakdown of how well you did in certain areas like speed, judgement, calculation, accuracy, observation and memory. You can invite and challenge your friends and family via facebook or by a unique code each player is given when signing up.

After playing the game this morning it is surprisingly addictive. It's quick enough to give you a fast reward in winning, but also engaging enough to make you hit the challenge button immediately after finishing your last battle. Point to note though, it does take a bit of time to get used to the games and the more experienced players will definitely have an edge over you at first. Instructions are given but only briefly. However, you will get better after only a few goes. On my first game I just (narrowly) managed to beat Mary although immediately got smashed straight after by Ryan. Kudos Ryan. You can see how I did in the images below. Either way, if you fancy the challenge the game is currently free to download and you can get it by heading over to the Play Store listing (click here). If nothing else it will pass the time when you got a few minutes. Think you can beat me? Come and challenge me!


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