Automate Your Device With Flow Charts And Automate

Ever wanted to have your phone or tablet do things without you even having to do anything?  Well, there are a lot of apps to do just that.  One that's notorious for its power and learning curve, but also how much you need to know and how much you have to use to make an automation is simply called Automate. Sometimes, you come across a gem, and Automate is one of those.

Automate is currently in open beta, and you have a free download of it waiting in the Google Play Store right now.  There is also a forum/group on Google+, so you can let the developers know what's up with the app.  There are, as with any automation app, some interesting quirks and unique aspects to follow.  Automate is no different in that trend.  Automate has a system based on flow charts.  Yeah, flow charts, the things that usually connect ideas and concepts.  Except here, they allow you to easily, and most importantly visually, see how different variables and effects actually connect and interact. You start an automation and are given a single box with a single 'out' dot to connect to subsequent boxes.  The idea behind the app, besides the unique flow chart management system, is focused on making sure you know which permissions you grant, and bases the plug-ins you need to make certain automations work.  The system is great, so you only grant the permissions and access that you need to give for an automation.

But what comes with it?  What downside is there?  Well, there is one, and that is probably going to go away with more use and practice with it.  The options.  The options for making a flow chart of functionality is massive.  Massive, sectioned off nicely, but massive and, to someone that hasn't perhaps dug around in the lower levels of their device, a little bit intimidating.  The issue is minor, but after the learning curve that comes with so many types of apps, especially the automation ones, Automate is a great app for anyone that wants complete and limiting control over their device and its automation. Go give this one a download, even if you currently use Tasker, Llama, AutomateIt, or any other automation app system on the Play Store.  Go join the group on Google+ if you want to really get into the app and its development and community.  Have you ever automated your device, in a simple or superbly complex way?  Would you try it again and get a fresh start in and on Automate?  Let us know.

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