AT&T Confirms That It Will Carry The Note 4, The Note Edge, The Gear VR And The Gear Circle

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 AH 3

Some of you might be more than a little excited about the latest and greatest from Samsung that was just announced at IFA this morning. Of everything notable(pun intended)that includes the Galaxy Note 4, the Galaxy Note Edge, the Gear VR virtual reality headset, and the Gear Circle Bluetooth headset. If you reside here in the U.S. you’re probably wondering where you’ll be able to pick these devices up, and while all of them will likely end up at all four major carriers(Sprint has already confirmed their carrying everything but the Gear Circle), AT&T has at least confirmed on their end that they will be carrying the Note 4, the Note Edge, the Gear VR, and the Gear Circle through their retail stores after the devices all launch. At the moment AT&T hasn’t released any information about what these devices will all cost or when they will be offering them up for sale to customers, but the confirmation is a good place to start even though we already kind of knew that AT&T would be picking them up, even if it was just a hunch.

AT&T also mentioned that they will be releasing pricing and availability details at a later date, so we’ll keep you posted when that information comes to us. For now, lets gloss back over what you’re looking at with these new devices. The Galaxy Note 4 is obvious, as its Samsung’s next iteration of the popular Note series device, which comes with an updated design thanks to the Galaxy Alpha inspired metal frame, and a slew of new luxury accessories like the Montblanc Extreme ScreenWriter stylus/pen, and of course the Swarovski back covers.

There are tons of good specs and features for this new device as well as for the Note Edge, which we have posted and if you’re interested in checking the specs of both, you can do so by clicking the links. The Gear VR is Samsung’s fabled and much anticipated virtual reality headset meant for gaming, which we have come to learn will feature an exclusive list of virtual games including Temple Run VR. Lastly, the Gear Circle is Samsung’s new Bluetooth stereo headset meant for music and voice, that sports a rather lightweight, stylish and sleek design. All of these devices are making their way to AT&T sometime in the near future. Are you excited?