ASUS ZenWatch Edging Closer After Reaching The FCC

September 6, 2014 - Written By John Anon

It seems every piece of news coming at the moment is to do with Android Wear or Wearables. Everyone seems to have a wearable either about to launch or in the pipeline. Well, with the exception of HTC of course whom today completely denounced their intention to enter the watch race. However, excluding HTC it seems everyone is focusing on smartwear this year. Both Samsung and LG have two on the go (one out and the other on its way), Sony are planning theirs and just this morning we heard from the Huawei CEO that they too will be launching a smartwatch in 2015. However, one of the more recent smartwear announcements which looked interesting was that of ASUS who at IFA also officially announced they will be launching their own smartwatch, the ASUS ZenWatch.

So far details are limited but the ZenWatch does look to be an interesting addition. It’s slightly different to everything else we are seeing in terms of design. The devices itself looks as though it is well made and high quality and constructed of steel. The design also contains a curved glass display and will offer a quick-release clasp for easy taking off and snapping on. In terms of specs the ZenWatch is expected to launch with a 1.63″ curved 320×320 AMOLED display. In addition, the device will be loaded with a Snapdragon 400 processor (clocking at 1.2 GHz), 4GB Storage and 512MB RAM. The device will feature Bluetooth 4.0, will be waterproof and of course will include what seems to be these days the obligatory heart rate monitor. The device is expected to retail at roughly $260 which would put it in direct competition (on price) with the Moto 360

Although we have no firm release dates (as yet) ASUS had only officially announced the ZenWatch two days ago in Berlin and already we have noticed numerous info and reports hitting the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Generally speaking once information starts to be listed by the FCC this is normally a good indication that the device is near (or at least nearing) its release. At present the information on the FCC it not of any significant interest and mainly consists of the introductory paperwork but nevertheless it is still being listed which is a good sign.So it seems there will be an abundance of Wear devices on offer over the next few months. At first it did seem everyone was waiting on the Moto 360 but with the newer contenders such as the ZenWatch not too far away consumers will have a much wider and better choice available. So which Wear device are you waiting for? Moto 360? LG G? ZenWatch? Let us know by leaving a comment.