The Apple Watch Gets Officially Unveiled, But How Does It Stack Up Against Smartwatches?

Today is the day. The day that Apple users finally get a dedicated smartwatch that takes a more focused approach to their own ecosystem. People laughed, they cried, and some even threw their money at the screen during their viewing of the live stream while others may have just simply thrown up. We realize this isn't news about Android, but then again this isn't a complete breakdown of the Apple Watch either, it's simply an outside look at how it might stack up against the likes of the Moto 360, the G Watch and other smartwatches.

No doubt some people are completely happy with everything that the Apple Watch has to offer, from the design of the frame and the customization of the bands and the case, to the user interface. You might be a user that is more than slightly underwhelmed by what you've been presented with and that's OK. Here's just a few short tid bits about the Apple Watch. It's sporting a sapphire crystal display which will help to keep it protected from light damage. Watches are easy to ding on stuff, like against tables, counters, walls etc. It's also said to be accurate within 50 milliseconds, and surprise, surprise, it'll be iOS compatible only. It starts at a $349 pricing, which is quite honestly around the price that many people expected the Moto 360 to cost. There will also be three models of the watch, the standard Apple Watch, an Apple Sport Watch, and a special edition model. There is no word just yet on exact release dates, or which model costs what price. So far we also have no details on battery life, or what all it has the capability to do, but you can bet there will be a suite of apps meant for interfacing with people's devices, and of course expect to have all the wellness and fitness related features you see in other smartwatches.

Compared to other smartwatches out on the market like the Moto 360, the price seems a little steep especially if the starting cost ends up as the price for the base model. The Moto 360 starts at $100 less, or $50 less if you opt for the steel band. From personal experience, our own Alex Maxham is having an OK time with its battery life, so long as the Ambient Display feature isn't used too much. It'll be interesting to see how long of a charge the Apple Watch holds. Other smartwatches like the Gear Live and now the LG G Watch are priced under $200 and can last at least a day on a single charge, making them more of an affordable option for those that want a smartwatch, although, they too are compatible with Android only just like the Apple Watch is with iOS products. For the most part, if you're in the market for a smartwatch it really breaks down to what you want. So far most smartwatches are an extension of our handsets, simply providing notifications to things. There are a couple of options like Samsung's Tizen powered Gear lineup does have a selection of apps, and the Apple Watch likely will too, but should you decide the Apple Watch is what you've been waiting for, be prepared to fork out more cash than every other option.

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