App Lock & Photo Vault Updated With Material Design Theme And Fake Lock Screens

How many of you use an App or photo lock software? For those of you unfamiliar with app and photo locks, it's rather self-explanatory. An app lock app is literally an app which allows users to choose which apps require additional security to access. For instance with an app lock installed you can lock your email client app, Facebook or any other app which uses auto-sign in. With these apps you can stop your friends, family and 'others' from accessing your personal stuff when they are playing with your phone. In the same way, photo lock apps also do the same thing. They allow users to hide either specific images of image folders and typically require a pin to access. Good way to protect yourself from your significant other finding all those compromising selfies you cant stop taking recently.

'App Lock & Photo Vault' is no different. This is a standard app which allows users to do what the name suggests, protect those apps and hide those selfies. However, recently App Lock & Photo Vault has received quite a significant update which includes a sweet looking Material Design look and feel. In addition to the revamped Material Design look the developers also note the new version is faster but more lightweight with the APK weighing-in at only 1.8 MB. The app also provides a 'Chameleon' mode which tries to help disguise the lockscreen from strangers when checking. This comes with a neat fake 'Force Close' screen (see images below) which can be used as well as a fake fingerprint scanner and the promise of more screens to follow.

So how much does the app cost? Well, the app is free and there doesn't seem to be any ads. The app is available in a decent number of language options (27 according to the developers) and works on all Android versions 2.2 and higher. Want to give it a go? Well, head over to the Play Store or simply click here. If you do give it a try (or are already using the app) then let us know what you think by leaving a comment. Now you have even more excuses to take those strange selfies. Enjoy!

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