Android How to: Use Moto 360 as a Trusted Device on the Moto X

One of our favorite features of the Moto X last year was Trusted Bluetooth Devices. Where you could use a Bluetooth device to keep your Moto X unlocked while they are connected. Which is a feature that Google is baking into Android L. So that everyone will be able to use it. Trusted Devices does work with the Moto 360 and the new Moto X. So that while you have the Moto 360 connected, you won't need to put your password in every time you want to unlock it. So how do we do it? Simple.

Just hop into Settings. Then tap on Security and go into Screen Lock. You need to change your screen lock to something other than Slide or None to use Trusted Devices. Then the Trusted Devices option below the Screen Lock should light up. Jump into Trusted Devices, select "Yes, I'm In" then select the Bluetooth device you want to use as a Trusted Device. And voila you're all set.

You can do this with other smartwatches on the Moto X as well. But since we have the Moto 360, and have been talking none stop about it, we figured we'd continue talking about it. It's a great feature and we're glad it stayed onto the new Moto X, and is coming to all the rest of the Android world when the Android L release finally comes out.

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