Android Remains Supreme In US Market Share In Spite Of Slight Drop

Every quarter of the year we get the latest news and stats on how trends are developing, which companies are doing well and which look to be on their way out. Today we have the latest news on the mobile device operating system (OS) market in the US. ComScore is an analytics company for the digital world, offering insights into how tech companies are doing, who is winning and who is losing. According to the latest report by ComScore (released today) Android still dominates the mobile device OS market in the US although they did lose a little bit of their momentum. According to the figures (which are taken over a three month period ending with July) Android occupied 51.5% of the overall US market.

This is slightly down from the previous quarter in which Android dominated with 52.5%. In spite of this drop, the overall result is still Android reigns supreme in terms of mobile OS. As to be expected in the US market in second place was Apple which did actually increase albeit very slightly from 41.4% to 42.4%. In short, over the last quarter Android lost 1% of the US OS market while Apple seemed to have picked up the percent. Apple was not the only company to gain though with Microsoft seeing a small increase in market share climbing from 3.3% to 3.6% over the same period. It is worth noting that Blackberry continued its general drop in popularity with its share dropping further from 2.5% down to 2.3%

In terms of OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers), ComScore notes there were 173 million people in the US who owned a smartphone during the second quarter. Of this market Apple remained top with 42.4% share which did grow slightly form the last quarter in which they occupied 41.4%. In second place was Samsung who owned 28.4% of the market. Interestingly, like Apple, Samsung also saw this quarter include an increase with their share up from their previous quarter share of 27.7%. With both Apple and Samsung seeing an increase it is not surprising third place down to fifth place all lost part of their share. In third place was LG with 6.4% (down from 6.5%), fourth place was Motorola with 5.7% (down from 6.3%) and in fifth place was HTC with 4.7% (down from 5.3%). Overall, does this suggest anything important? Well not really. The main players in both the OS and OEM markets did not differ drastically and one should always expect some movement. It will be more interesting to see the results of both the third and fourth quarter of this year when the reports are released and especially considering all the major players have big releases on the way.

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