Android OTA: Device Updates & Firmware Report – September 26th Edition

September 26, 2014 - Written By Tom Dawson


NVIDIA SHIELD ‘Portable’ Gets Fresh Update



Software upgrade 92 is hitting the SHIELD portable this week, and it brings it a number of bug fixes and all of that good stuff. It comes in at close to 500MB and GameStream users will be glad to hear that one of the bug fixes is directly related to that and there’s also a fix for the disappearing Twitch icon. So, nothing amazing here, but nice to see that NVIDIA isn’t dragging their feet when it comes to keeping their software alive and such.

Verizon to Roll Out Update for the DROID DNA That “Resolves Root”

Droid DNA Large


For those with a DROID DNA hoping for a revolutionary update, this isn’t going to get you all that excited, sadly. The 4.09.605.5 doesn’t actually bring anything new to the table and instead closes some holes here and there and scares off root users with the line “Device root vulnerability issue has been resolved” which is what hardcore Android users really want to hear with their fresh OTAs. If you fancy taking a look at the full changelog,have a peek here.

Moto 360 Gets Minor Android Wear Update



The Moto 360 this week got a bit of an update to software version which pretty much just tightens some bolts and fixes some connectivity issues. You can read more about it here, but it’s not exactly exciting reading, but nice to have nonetheless!