Android Headliner: Sony's "Live In Your World, Play In Ours" Mentality On Mobile Is A Smart Move

Sony may not have the highest selling number of smartphones and tablets on the market, and surely they'd like to raise their number of devices shipped and sold not just on a regional level but also globally. Is Sony letting the fact that Samsung and LG(the current front runners of the Android device world)are consistently beating them out in numbers get to them? Not even in the slightest. They continue to evolve and move forward and have been improving their devices every year, even if only slightly and even though the design is still very much the same. Sony is bringing the awesome where it counts;In the details, and the small meaningful features that people tend to overlook.

In this case, we're talking about Sony's implementation of the "Live In Your World, Play In Ours" mantra that they have tacked to their Playstation game console. With the release of the Xperia Z3 family of devices, Sony is taking this lifestyle belief and allowing you to stream your games to any of the new Z3 devices via the new Remote Play feature, which is huge if you game and own a PS4 console. In addition to the ability to play your games on your Z3 smartphone or tablet, Sony is coming out with a game klip style mount for the PS4 controller that allows you to mount your device into it, because they wanted gamers to have the ability to experience their games through Remote Play with a true controller like feel. Although the buzz around the new feature seems to be that the Z3 Remote Play will only work on local WiFi, the ability to use the PS4 controller is a much more enjoyable experience than the Vita controls for game streaming.

This feature probably won't cater to just anyone, as it really focuses on the gamers, of which Sony has a deep tie to. Gaming on mobile is becoming bigger and bigger though, and Sony appears 'wanting' in getting ahead of the curve here. At this point in time it is hard to tell whether or not this will be a widely used feature, as the devices have yet to make their way into the hands of consumers. What's likely though is that Sony will continue to add this feature into newer handsets in upcoming Z lines, which will only strengthen their position with gamers looking for their next handset. Rather than trying to broaden their reach on a massive scale on usership of their devices, it seems that they are more interested in enriching the experiences for the users that they do have and are perhaps attempting to grab a few more new ones along the way.

While the Remote Play feature might not draw in millions of new users, it does have a great chance at convincing some users that already own a PS4 to buy one of the Z3 devices as well, and vise versa, for users planning on picking up one of the new Z3 family devices, the notion of purchasing a PS4 is something that consumers might be thinking about since Sony made this feature available. It's a feature that ties together two great products and attempts to not only bring together a longstanding strong platform with the Playstation system and Sony's line of handsets and tablets, but to also potentially pick up a sale of one device or the other that may have not been considered by the consumer had it not been introduced. Will Sony see 5 million more sales of the Xperia Z3 devices simply because of Remote Play? Probably not, but they will probably see a fairly large number of sales of both the new mobile products and the console because the Remote Play feature exists, which may have been what they were wanting to do in the first place.

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