Android Game Of The Week: CounterSpy

Sony doesn't have much of a presence on Android, but what they do have available shows that they have put some effort into bringing great game titles to the mobile scene past their own PS Vita handheld. One of the newest games to release for the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita systems called CounterSpy also released on Android recently, and it provides much for anyone looking to sink their teeth into some stealth espionage action. To kick things off, I'll state that the game costs $4.99 up front, but once that's done with there are no IAP in sight so for those of you that hate them, you're in luck here.

CounterSpy is a game that rewards your stealthy expertise. The better you can stay hidden and keep the alert level from raising too high, as well as stay out of combat as much as possible, the better off you'll be. CounterSpy is set in the cold war era, and your job is to infiltrate deep into the heart of Russia to stop an impending nuclear attack. It won't be easy, but with your training and skills from your time at the CIA, you should be able to handle anything that your new outfit(the secret agency called C.O.U.N.T.E.R.)throws at you. Controls are pretty simple and everything is gesture based. You'll either swipe to move and perform various actions or tap to interact with certain things. The game walks your through all new forms of interaction and control as you come up to a scenario where you'll need to use it for the first time, suffice it to say that Sony has made it easy for anyone to learn how to play, which is something that is sadly a missed opportunity for many games in the Play Store.

There is procedurally generated content for missions so that things always feel a little new and fresh, and there are capabilities to upgrade parts of your setup, like your weapons, your character stats and other things that should make for a varied collection of game elements. The visuals have a nice stylized 3D look, set mostly in a sidescrolling view although at times the camera will pan around to an angled third person view for you to aim your weapon and shoot at enemies during battle engagements.(which remember you want to stay away from if possible)One really cool feature that gamers should love is the ability for the cross platform sync, which will allow you to play the game on your Android device, PS4, PS3, and PS Vita systems and sync your game progress across all of them so you can always pick up where you left off. For $4.99, this is one of the best buys you can make for a game on Android. To utilize the cross platform sync you do need to purchase the game for a Playstation console though, which will cost another $15, however it is a cross-buy item which means if you buy it for one Sony console you'll get it on all three if you have them.

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