Android Game News Weekly 09/21/14: Humble Mobile Bundle 7, Beach Buggy Racing, Wayward Souls, Age Of Zombies


Humble Mobile Bundle 7 Adds Three More Games Humble Mobile Bundle 7

This happened earlier in the week but for anyone that may have missed it, and doesn't want to miss out on their chance at a great game bundle also, Humble Mobile Bundle 7 has added another three games to the original bundle for a total of 9 games. The bundle was already a great start with Heroes of Loot and Horn being wrapped up in it, now for anyone who still hasn't grabbed the bundle if you pay the average you'll also unlock Soda Drinker Pro, Alpha Wave,  and Swordigo. Not really to sure about Soda Drinker Pro, but Alpha Wave and Swordigo are extremely solid games. The average is currently $4.16, so that's 9 games all for under $5. You can grab the Humble Mobile Bundle 7 from this link, and you have just under 3 days left to snag before it disappears.

Beach Buggy Blitz Sequel, Beach Buggy Racing Lands On The Play StoreBeach Buggy Racing

Vector Unit launched their second addition to the Beach Buggy franchise, releasing Beach Buggy Racing this week to the Play Store. Just like Beach Buggy Blitz you can expect to see some pretty awesome visuals in this game and the familiar fun of kart racing on the beach against your rivals. Beach Buggy Racing appears to have slightly better graphics, and just like you might have seen in Riptide GP2, the water effects splash on screen which is kind of cool to see. There's tons of power ups to love here, six different game modes, twelve tracks and and even split screen multiplayer if you're wanting to play with others. It also of course has Bluetooth gamepad support, so you can play with more traditional style controls. You can grab Beach Buggy Racing for free from this link on the Play Store.

Wayward Souls Gets Updated With Gamepad SupportWayward Souls

If you're a Wayward Souls fan then you might be happy to know that Noodlecake Studios has updated the game recently and has included a feature being asked for by fans, which is gamepad support. Onscreen controls have felt rather decent on most Noodlecake games from a personal standpoint, but gamepad support is nice to have just in case you want that old fashioned controller feel. The update has been live since earlier last week, so if you already own the game or have held off because you don't like touch controls, now's your chance to pick it up at a cost of $1.99(66% off)from the Play Store link.


Halfbrick Studios Prepares To Launch 6 Separate Updates For Age Of ZombiesAge of Zombies

Halfbrick studios makes a whole lot of awesome little arcade games, of which is one of their most popular called Age of Zombies. October is just around the corner and that means we'll be closing in on Halloween around the end of the month. Zombie month is also in the month of October, just in case you were unaware, and Halfbrick wants to start Zombie month off right by launching a bunch of updates for Age of Zombies to give players tons of awesome new content. The first update is already live and adds in local multiplayer as well as support for up to four gamepads at once. Local multiplayer has everyone playing on once screen, so optimally you'll want multiple gamepads to use and if possible, hooking your phone up to a bigger screen like your TV or monitor through a micro HDMI would make for an easier time for everyone playing. Age of Zombies will cost you only a buck, which isn't a bad price for what seems like will be even more great content on top of what was already there. You can grab Age of Zombies from this link at the Play Store if you're ready to celebrate the upcoming Zombie month.