Android Game News Weekly 09/14/14: Super Monkey Ball Bounce, Crazy Taxi City Rush, Dragon Quest, Sim City Build It


SEGA Launches Super Monkey Ball Bounce On AndroidSuper Monkey Ball

Super Monkey Ball is a fairly popular game franchise from SEGA and their latest title called Super Monkey Ball Bounce is an arcade action game that has you aiming and shooting a ball with the game's character AiAi inside, in an attempt to rescue monkey friends across the various stages. There are tons of levels across many worlds with unique puzzles to solve, high scores to rack up, and Boss Battles to keep things exciting. As you collect AiAi's monkey friends you'll be able to use them as playable characters and each one of them has their own unique special powers. If you enjoy arcade puzzle games definitely give Super Monkey Ball bounce a try. You can grab it for free from the Play Store.

SEGA Updates Crazy Taxi City Rush With new ContentCrazyTaxi_CityRush_Logo3

If you play Crazy Taxi City Rush you might be happy to know that SEGA has released an update for the app that brings along some new content. Whether you have auto updates on or not, here's what the update brings in. There's a whole new district to pick up fares in, called the Hills. SEGA has also added in five new taxis which can be viewed from the showroom floor in the new district, and just so you can more easily find your way around the new area, The game also now includes a mentor for the Hills district named Cinnamon. There's been some changes to the Taxi Rank Missions, you'll now receive diamonds for every medal that you earn from these missions. You can now also customize your taxi with thirteen new customization options. Lastly, in addition to the usual performance improvements and bug fixes, there have been two new achievements added in to the mix with the It's A Mystery and King Of The Hill achievements. The update has been live for days now so if you haven't grabbed it yet head to the Play Store and get things going if you want to enjoy the new content. You can grab the game or update it from the Play Store.


Square Enix Launches The Original Dragon Quest Onto AndroidDragon-Quest

For anyone who might have missed the news about this game this week, Square Enix has launched the third Dragon Quest game onto Android with the first installment in the series, the original Dragon Quest. This title unlike the others is a far cry from being pricey as it sits at a mere $2.99. For a great, classic title that probably has tons of hours of gameplay content we'd say $3 is a fantastic price. The game features a similar set of easy to use intuitive controls, and it's viewed in the same vertical portrait mode as the other two games. This epic RPG classic was originally released back in the 80's, and if you want a fun filled trip down memory lane the game looks to have some pretty rave reviews. As the legendary hero Erdrick, you'll embark on a epic quest to vanquish the Dragon Lord. You can pick up Dragon Quest for $2.99 from the Play Store.

EA To Bring Sim City Build It To Android SoonSim City Build It

If you're into the Sims games or any of the associated Sim City titles, EA is releasing a new game to Android in the future called Sim City Build It that will let gamers on the go create, build and change their cities how they please. EA says that you'll be able to evolve your city in a variety of ways, and that you can "meet the citizens needs" to keep them happy or feel their wrath by making "questionable" decisions that will affect the city in a negative way. There's full 360 degree rotation and you can pinch to zoom, pan, and analyze any section of your city. The game looks to have some pretty vivid high quality graphics in 3D, and although there is no price listing or date for launch that has been announced, we'd guess that the game will end up being a free-to-play title with an arrival date of sometime this Fall or Winter.

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