Android Game News Weekly 09/07/14: CounterSpy, The Room Three, Land's End For Gear VR, Assassins Creed Pirates


Sony Brings Indie Hit CounterSpy To AndroidCounterSpy

Not too long ago Sony launched a greatly anticipated indie title called CounterSpy onto the PlayStation 4 game console as well as the PS Vita handheld system and the Playstation 3, and just recently they have launched the same game onto Android. CounterSpy is a side scrolling  spy action-stealth game set in the cold war era, where your job is to stop a maniacal super power from attempting to launch a nuclear missile strike. The visuals are uniquely crafted stylized graphics, and the game provides procedurally generated missions and content so that things never feel the same or repetitive. Best of all? It has cross platform sync, so that if you own the game on any of the other Playstation platforms, or eve on iOS, you can pick up where you left off no matter what you're gaming on thanks to the sync. This is one game you won't want to miss, and if you're looking at picking it up you'll need to drop $4.99. If you want to take advantage of the cross platform share, you'll need to buy it for your PS account on the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita as well which will require another $15, although it is also a cross-buy title, so you pay $15 once and you get it for all three systems.

The Room Three Planned For Spring Launch Date On AndroidTR3

If you enjoy puzzlers then you may have played either of the first two games in The Room series. The Room and The Room Two are amazing little puzzle games that delight their players with some of the most beautiful looking graphics that mobile can offer, as well as the intense mind boggling puzzles that lie within which require you to solve a mystery to advance. The games are known for their attention to detail, and The Room Three promises to be no different. There is no word on the exact launch date or any pricing details, but expect to cost a couple of bucks just like the last two at launch.

Smash Hit Monument Valley Dev Bringing Land's End To Gear VRLand's End

With the announcement of the Gear VR there are bound to be some exclusive hit games coming to the device that should provide some pretty awesome gaming experiences. We have already heard that imangi studios plans to bring an exclusive virtual reality version of Temple Run to the Gear VR, and now the developers behind Monument Valley have announced that they will be making a game exclusively for the device called Land's End. The only details found on Ustwogames twitter page when they posted about this upcoming game is the image you see here, and their description of the game which states that it's "a surreal trip through an archipelago of forgotten worlds." We're sure that more will come out in due time, but if you were a fan of Monument Valley and plan on picking up a Gear VR, this is one to watch out for.


Ubisoft Updates Assassins Creed Pirates With New Content And Freemium Costassassins-creed-pirates-650

Assassins Creed Pirates isn't quite what you'd expect at first, you might have thought it to be more similar to the likes of Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, or even a companion app. That isn't the case though, it's actually a game that has you engaging in high stakes battles at sea between other ships. There is finely crafted storyline tied to it of course, and now there is some new content that takes you to the cold arctic waters in search of adventure. In addition to the new area, there's also a new crew member that will be added to take care of finding all your materials. Your ships will also have the ability to get upgraded through the new legendary customization feature, which will improve your ships looks and abilities. Are you excited about the new update? Do you already play Assassins Creed Pirates?