Android Game News 09/28/14: Unmechanical, Asphalt Overdrive, Star Wars: Galactic Defense, Cardinal Quest 2, Angry Birds Transformers


Robots And Puzzles Have Never Looked So Good As In UnmechanicalUnmechanical

If you enjoy the casual romp through puzzle games that require just a little abstract thinking and focus and provide seemingly endless fun, Unmechanical is worth a look. The game is about a little robot helicopter who is trapped in a strange world and you guessed it, it's your job to help him find his way out. Explore amazing worlds and solve tricky puzzles to guide the helicopter to freedom. There's more than 30 unique puzzles to solve, cool looking 3D graphics, and dark secret that begs to uncovered through game progression. If Unmechanical has piqued your interest, you can grab it for $2.99 from the Play Store.

Gameloft's New 80's Inspired Racer Asphalt Overdrive Hits The Play StoreAsphalt Overdrive

If you were waiting for the follow up to Asphalt 8, you now sort of have it. While we're not sure Gameloft will decide to forego Asphalt 9 or not, Asphalt Overdrive has just hit the Play Store this week for a taste of some brand new content that involves the Asphalt racing that we know and love. Not entirely the same however, this title isn't your traditional racer as Gameloft has opted to make it an endless racer instead of what we saw from their last game in this franchise. You'll use swipe gestures left and right to switch lanes and dodge oncoming traffic and other obstacles, and you can still perform tricks and other stunts by making other swipe gestures while in the air, however movement is pretty much completely on the rails as you have no free movement control nor control over the speed of your vehicle. There is 30 unlockable vehicles, and 7 different mission types with which to test your driving skills. Asphalt Overdrive is free and you can grab it from the Play Store if you're interested, although we personally can't help but feel this was just something that Gameloft whipped up to tide fans over until they could prepare the next true title in the Asphalt series, or so we hope.

Mobage And Lucasfilm Ltd. Are Bringing Star Wars: Galactic Defense To AndroidStar Wars: Galactic Defense

Those of you who are Star Wars fans and have thought, "where is the Star Wars themed Tower Defense game?" You're in luck. Lucasfilm Ltd. is working together with Mobage to bring just such a game to Android later on this year. There is no exact timing for a release date just yet, but there is only a few months left so we would expect sometime before the holidays if we had to guess or perhaps just in time for them. The game is going to be called Star Wars: Galactic Defense, and it so far looks liek it's going to mesh the best parts of both worlds together into one massively awesome looking game. You can check the trailer below for the developer diary(the first of a handful)which showcases a little bit of in-development gameplay. Enjoy! We'll update when we know more about the details of the game like possible launch, and pricing. If you're eager to get a head start on things, you can pre-register for the game at the official website here, which could end up getting you some exclusive special in-game loot.


Free Roguelike RPG Cardinal Quest 2 Hits AndroidCardinal Quest 2

Do you like RPG games? Do you like Roguelike titles? Would you play a game that blends both of them together and includes epic boss fights, 6 unique classes, super sweet looking retro graphics with randomly generated dungeons AND has 100+ achievements to obtain? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you should check out Cardinal Quest 2. Because it's free, and it's also all of those things mentioned above. It features three different acts, a deep exploration system, and plenty of customization of characters with loot, and spells. There's only a little weekend left, so how will you spend it? If you answered to yourself.. "by playing Cardinal Quest 2, that's how!" you can grab the game from the Play Store link.

Angry Birds Transformers Soft Launches In New Zealand With Global Launch Oct. 30thAngry Birds Transformers

Angry Birds Transformers will be the next game title in the series to partner with a major franchise, and although we still have some time before it hits the rest of the Android world(October 30th is when we can expect the game to go live globally), Rovio has recently put out the game in New Zealand and their home country of Finland as part of the games soft launch. The soft launch seems like a common first step with Rovio titles as the same thing happened with Angry Birds Epic and at least one other game in the series, which probably helps to track the games popularity with users as well as flesh out any bugs before a full on launch. Almost like an open beta of sorts. Angry Birds Transformers will also deviate from the standard fare of what we usually get in an Angry Birds game, and will forego the physics based gameplay for a more sidescrolling endless runner type, which you can check out in all its glory in the video below. The game will probably end up being free, although no exact pricing details have been mentioned so far. Are you looking forward to this game?