Android Epic App Battles: GrubHub V.S. EAT24

We all gotta eat right? Of course we do, because we're not robots nor an extremely advanced human like race that doesn't need sustenance to survive. Have I watched too many Sci-Fi movies and TV shows? Of course not. Now back to the topic at hand. We all gotta eat, and sometimes we just don't want to cook but we want to eat from the comfort of our own home. We may not mind going to pick up our food, and other times we don't even want to leave the house to do that. That's where these next two apps come in. Both GrubHub and EAT24 offer food delivery and takeout services that you can place via your smartphone app, and that I dare say is a very handy app indeed. Which one is better though? Who deserves the title of champion? We'll break down some basic features of both apps and let the polls decide, so don't forget to cast your vote at the bottom in the poll.


GrubHub has been around a little bit longer, although that doesn't really matter in this case. It offers the free delivery service of food orders from just about any place you can think of, in supported areas of course, as well as free ordering for takeout of those locations. You can use the app to read reviews on potential spots, check menus so you can decide what it is that you want to eat, and check restaurant information which spans over 28,000 restaurants nationwide.

You can easily search for food by cuisine, menu items and even specific restaurants, and past that you can further filter things down by searching for restaurants by business hours, coupons, reviews and a number of other options. The app is easy enough to use when you open it up, and offers the ability to choose whether you want to order using delivery or takeout, and you can simply use the location button to have the app find you using GPS or you can type in a specific address. For ease of use the next time you order, GrubHub lets you save your addresses to get your orders placed faster. The app also saves all your past orders, so if you previously ordered something that you know you'll get again, you can simply tap on your past order. You can also track your orders, because let's be honest, when we're really hungry we can't think of anything else. GrubHub also makes it easy to pay, as you can choose cash, credit, or even PayPal options to pay for your food orders. How simple is that? You might even have coupons or discounts on certain orders depending on the restaurant. GrubHub is also free.


EAT24 is pretty similar to GrubHub, it offers delivery and takeout services that you can use to place orders for food when you need to chow down. It works in about 1,500+ cities with over 25,000 restaurants included with more being added on a daily basis according to the development team. You can also use EAT24 to search for places to order food using location, or you can enter an address manually if the food is going to somewhere other than where you are at the time of ordering.

You'll get coupons with EAT24 as well so you can save money on your orders, and the app saves preferences just like GrubHub so you can order quickly and painlessly the next time around. It also tries to help you find what to eat using the "what's good" feature, which compiles reviews, popular favorites, most ordered food items, and local tips to assist you in discovering your next meal. One of the coolest features? It has Android Wear support, so you can now place your food orders from your wrist, now that is slick, and easy, and hands free. With EAT24 you can also take pictures and make notes on whatever you order, so if you get something you absolutely love or hate, you can snap a photo and make a note of the details so you know whether or not to ever order that item again. Paying is easy with EAT24 too, as you can not only pay with credit card, but take a picture of the card and have it scanned in and saved for future orders instead of having to add in the information manually. If credit cards aren't your thing, you can also use PayPal just like with GrubHub, but they take the mobile payments compatibility a step further and have added the option to use Google Wallet as well. Nice right? You can search for food by photos, specific types of cuisines, restaurants, or even the specific dish you're looking for. The app gives you cash back options for future orders through the CashCoupon rewards system, and if you absolutely have to you can even go social and tweet your meals. EAT24 is also free, just like its competitor here.

So which app is the best? That's relative to the user we suppose. Who deserves to be the victor in this battle? Cast your vote, and we understand that either app may not work in some areas and that's just fine if its the reason for your voting results. Got an idea for an app battle that you'd like to see? Throw your thoughts in the comments on the  G+ post.

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