Android How To: Customize Watch Faces on the Moto 360

Screenshot 2014 09 11 11.19.15

The Moto 360 is finally available, and those that went to Google I/O should have gotten theirs already. So there are plenty of Moto 360’s out in the wild right now. One of the cool things about the Moto 360, is that you can customize the watch faces through the Motorola Connect app. It’s not really deep customization, but you can change the colors, and on a few you can change the smaller clocks that are used for other time zones. So you can really make this watch your own. Which the Moto 360 has deeper customization than any of the other Android Wear smartwatches out there right now. And that’s to be expected from Motorola, especially after Moto Maker debuted last year on the Moto X.

So how do we do it? Well jump into the Motorola Connect app, you should see the Moto 360 there under your devices. Just tap on the Moto 360. Now you’ll see a few options, like watch faces and the heart activity/Google fit. Just tap on the watch faces. Now swipe over to the watch face you want to customize. Then hit the customize button at the bottom. After you’ve chosen the colors you want. Go ahead and hit save. Now you’ll need to switch to that Watch face – if it’s a different one then you are currently using on the Moto 360. If it’s the same one you are currently using, you shouldn’t need to update it at all. It should update automagically.

It’s really neat how this all works, and the Moto 360 definitely has some great watch faces, compared to the Gear Live and the LG G Watch. We also have a video down below for those interested.