Android How To: Change Themes on the Huawei Ascend Mate 7


We've just got the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 in from the folks over at Huawei, and we are working on a full review. Of course, we don't do that overnight. So in the meantime, we'll be putting together some nice tutorials for those that are looking at picking up the Ascend Mate 7. It's a really great device, and hopefully it does come to more countries.

One of the cool things about Huawei's smartphones is that they come with built-in themes. Kind of like MIUI. There are some that look amazing, and some that aren't as amazing. So what we are going to do today is show you how to change those themes. It's actually quite easy to do.

  1. Open up the "Themes" app (by default it should be on the right screen next to your home screen)
  2. Now tap on one of the themes to take a look at it.
  3. Once you find a theme that you like, just hit "Apply".
  4. And you're all set.

You can also customize these themes. Go back out to the default screen in the themes app and tap on "Customize" at the bottom. From there you can customize the screen lock style, the lock screen transition, lock screen wallpaper, home wallpaper, application icon style, and font style. Once you're done, just hit "Apply".

It's great to see customization like this on a smartphone out of the box. Instead of needing to install more apps and such. We'll have plenty more content on the Ascend Mate 7, so make sure you stay tuned.