This Is Allegedly The New Motorola Nexus That Looks Just Like The Moto X 2nd Gen

Tons of speculation and rumors have been surrounding Google's next Nexus device, said to be manufactured by Motorola, and currently being termed the Nexus X or Nexus 6, some in the community are also referring to it at the Nexus S,(for shamu as it's thought to be)although right now none of these are names that are official and are just terms being used to refer to the device at the moment. While we still haven't heard anything edetailing the phone's price or release or gotten an actual announcement, we have learned that it appears Motorola will indeed be producing the phone, and that it will be an amped up version of the Moto X they just announced earlier this month. Keep in mind that we are learning this information without any official documentation or word from officials at Google or Motorola, so take things with a tiny grain of salt.

According to 9 To 5 Google, the new Nexus device will look and be designed incredibly close to the Moto X 2014 as you can see from the image above that they state is the new Motorola Nexus, but with slight modifications that make it more of a Nexus, and we'd imagine that means the pure intended version of Android that comes on Nexus devices and not the near stock software that Motorola has been using. Now when we say amped up, we don't know for sure whether that means different hardware from the Moto X or not, but it seems to be that at least the screen will be on a bit of grander scale, as 9 To 5 Google points out that the display will be 5.9-inches in size diagonally. If this is what we're to expect, then that means the rumors about the next Nexus phone being a phablet sized device are true.

Past reports had stated perhaps the existence of a 5.2-inch display, which is more in line it seems like what a larger majority of consumers were hoping for, however sources close to the matter and familiar with the phone have apparently stated that the screen will be 5.9-inches in size, with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 with a 498 ppi, which makes it QHD, and seemingly on par with the LG G3 and a small selection of other devices that are already sporting 2K displays. It's also said to be packing a 3,200mAh battery inside which it will certainly need with the larger screen, although if we can rely on Motorola for good battery life here like we have been able to do on past devices, this phone should be able to last all day and then some, and here's hoping that's the case. One glaring area that the Nexus devices have been felt to be lacking by many is the camera, so hopefully when it comes to the software side of things the device will be able to deliver a better result, as for the hardware itself, the camera is stated as being 13MP on the rear with the potential for 4K video recording, and a 2MP camera on the front. The source also states the processor is indeed a Snapdragon 805 like many have been speculating, and that we will also see this device sporting 3GB of RAM to handle all the tasks and that it will come with 32GB of storage, although it's also possible that we could see at least one more storage option available that offers more space.

Those hoping that we might see Motorola Voice or Motorloa Assist, namely any of the great features from the Moto X on this new Nexus, are sorely out of luck as it appears those features won't be seen in the device unfortunately. From what we can tell by looking at the image and from what's mentioned by the source, the volume rocker and the power buttons are slightly altered for the Nexus and have been moved down, but for the most part the entire device looks just like the new Moto X, but bigger. If the specs listed here are what we get, then this will be the most powerful Nexus phone we have seen yet, and it will easily trump the Moto X when it comes to hardware comparisons on paper.

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