AH Smartwatch Weekly: Small Wearables is the Swiss Army Knife of Apps for Your Wrist


One of the big draws about even owning a smartwatch, outside of all that magical notification stuff, is the ability to control our phone and do things we'd normally do on our phone from our wrists. While there are apps out there that can help us send a tweet or toggle WiFi on or off from our wrists, like Wear Mini Launcher, Small Wearables is a mix of everything on your wrist, and it's really quite handy. It's the Swiss Army knife of mini apps for your Android Wear watch and it's definitely a great app to have installed, and here's why.

Small Wearables has all sorts of apps inside of it, including; a Twitter app, Android settings, a photo gallery, a Tasker task runner, tip calculator, phone pager and app manager. That's a lot of stuff for one app, and a couple of these are more useful to myself than others, but you can easily turn them on or off in the Small Wearables app manager. For my Dad, the phone pager is a great feature and it does just what you'd expect it to do, it rings your phone when you can't remember which side of the couch it's fallen down. Elsewhere though, the tip calculator is a nifty feature, and Tasker fans will really enjoy being able to has Tasker tasks complete using this.


The included Android settings are nice as well, allowing you to turn off WiFi when out of the house or to mute your ringer in case you've forgotten when at the movies or whatever. Overall, it's a nice feature of Small Wearables and it's really easy to use as well.

I actually kinda like the Photo Gallery and while I probably won't use it much, it's nice to be able to quickly show people small pictures on my wrist and hey, let's face it, we can now say our watch does what the Apple Watch does. If you have some sort of urge to send 140 characters from your wrist, then this will help with that as well. All-in-all, Small Wearables is a nice collection of different apps and features that can help you take control of your device and do a lot of other stuff with only one app installed on your phone. The UI is nice, too and keeps the Android Wear aesthetic alive throughout, something that we hope will be a standard for all other apps going forward. You can take a look at Small Wearables by installing it from the Play Store.

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