Adobe Photoshop Coming to a Chromebook Near You!


Whenever we talk about a new Chromebook, the number one complaint I see in the comments is “you can’t run Photoshop on a Chromebook”. Well that’s about to change. So haters will need to find another excuse to hate Google’s Chromebooks. This morning Google and Adobe announced that Photoshop is coming to Chromebooks. The first version will be a “streaming” version, so it sounds like it’ll be working from the cloud. So don’t expect it to be a full version. It’ll be available in beta form and will only be available to paying Adobe Education customers with Creative Cloud memberships at first. And even they need to apply for the beta. So it’s going to be a very limited beta, unfortunately. That will likely change over the next few months.

Photoshop for Chrome OS will integrate directly with Google Drive. Which shouldn’t be a huge surprise. But that means that you can store everything in the cloud, which is the entire point of a Chromebook anyways. That’s why we don’t really complain about the 16GB or 32GB of SSD storage on Chromebooks, as that’s basically just for the OS to do it’s thing. There’s no word on whether or not Photoshop will get you some additional Google Drive space, but it would be nice for Google to toss that in there.

So Photoshop is coming to Chrome OS. It’s not full blown Photoshop, but it’s better than nothing, I guess. So users can’t complain too much, even though they likely will. Hopefully we’ll see other Adobe products like Lightroom make their way to Chrome OS soon as well. I’m sure they will as long as this limited beta for Photoshop goes well. How many of you are excited to use Photoshop on a Google Chromebook?