Adobe Brings EchoSign e-Signature Service To Android

EchoSign for Android 11

Adobe is adding some new functionality to its Android app offering. The EchoSign e-Signature service that allows you to sign contracts and other agreements electronically is now available right on your Android device. The Adobe EchoSign for Android app stands alone; separate from the Adobe Reader and Acrobat apps that are in the Play Store.

The EchoSign for Android app ties into the Reader and Acrobat apps, and also works with Box, Google Drive, Salesforce, Evernote, and Sharepoint 2013. EchoSign is already being used by 37 million people across the globe. Large and small companies use the service to sign their contracts and service agreements and get business done faster. The service lets you sign documents electronically with your finger or a stylus, and then capture that signature and save it instantly. You can get a signature remotely by sending documents to someone electronically, or get them to sign right on the screen of your Android device. The signed documents are legally binding and your paperwork is protected with enterprise-level security encryption. If you’ve ever used a service like DocuSign, you’re already familiar with how Adobe’s EchoSign works. You can manage signed documents and track them in real time. Now you can handle of this from your Android device with the EchoSign for Android app. Documents can also be signed via email or fax and managed remotely on the Android app.

EchoSign was founded in 2005 and acquired by Adobe in 2011. Companies like Dell, GE, Pandora, and Google use the service to handle and sign legal documents electronically. The service can be integrated directly into Salesforce.com for managing documents alongside your other customer relationship manager tools. EchoSign has a massive affiliate program that spans the globe. In addition to Salesforce, other third party services like Box, Zoho Writer, and HR Block are integrated into the service.

Hit the Play Store link below to find the EchoSign for Android app on the Google Play Store.