Acer To Offer Sub-$50 Smartphones Next Year


When it comes to smartphones, we have tons of options out there. From extremely cheap smartphones to the high-end expensive ones, even special luxurious ones priced above and beyond anything a regular consumer can afford. There are of course payment plans via contracts and what not in order to help you get a device at a lower price, though you'll pay everything off by paying your network provider for whatever you have on your monthly plan. Carrier's payment plans are becoming less and less popular, prepaid plans are in full swing in many parts of the world, even at my current location.

That being said, some people are reluctant to sign a contract with their carriers, reasons vary of course. Prepaid plans offer so much these days (again, depending where you live) that you just don't need to sign a contract, in accordance to that you need to get a smartphone and might not want to spend a whole lot to get it (unsubsidized). Luckily we already have affordable phones which you can get without signing a contract, like the Moto G and E for example. Acer seems eager to join the race with their own extremely affordable smartphones which would cost even less than the aforementioned Motorola devices. According to CNET, Acer will offer that will cost less than $50 starting next year. This is actually really interesting news considering Acer isn't exactly all that present in the smartphone world to begin with. Think about it for a second, under $50 for a smartphone. First thing that comes to mind are extremely crappy, low quality and specs devices you can get mainly from Chinese manufacturers / brands you've never even heard of. If a brand like Acer manages to make a line of smartphones which cost less than $50 I'm sure that would attract consumers and sell like crazy to be quite honest.


What do you think, can Acer actually pull this off and make quality, well-specced device(s) for such a low price? I sure hope so and would love to give one a spin if the ever get launched.

EDIT: The phone in the image above is Acer Liquid Jade, there's still no info on the design of the upcoming phones.

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