Xiaomi Overtakes Samsung For Top Spot In Chinese Market Handset Sales During Q2

Xiaomi is one of the up and coming smartphone device manufacturers in the past year or so, and recent research points to a large growth in sales to bring Xiaomi ahead of the sales percentage from massive Korean competitor Samsung. The chart shown below displays results from the second quarter of this year and while Xiaomi doesn't make up the largest percentage, they do make up the largest percentage of a single OEM. The others category is comprised of various multiple manufacturers in the Chinese market, and then other big names like Xiaomi, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei and Yulong.

Xiaomi makes up the greatest portion of single OEMs with 14% in sales in the second quarter, with Samsung at 12% to match the sales of Yulong and Lenovo, and Huawei coming in with 11% in sales. The chart is a display of China's top 5 smartphone vendors, and Xiaomi could only stand to improve going into the third and fourth quarters of the year as they have just released their Mi4 device earlier last month. Samsung has at least one other major device on target to get a release in the fall though which could help boost their sales in China, although Samsung's marketshare has been dropping globally as of late so if that trend continues than Xiaomi and other OEMs in the Chinese region could continue to rise up with even more sales. Xiaomi has done well to show what can be done with inexpensive high quality hardware and offering phones at a lower price than similar devices.

Now that Xiaomi has ever so slightly inched forward as the number one OEM for sales in the 2nd quarter in its home market, time will tell if they can do the same thing or come close to it in other regions. To do this though they'll first have to make their devices more widely available in markets where they aren't as well known. Samsung still holds the largest percentage of sales for smartphones in the U.S. and other regions, and it will be a difficult beast for Xiaomi to topple without getting their devices into the hands of more consumers, however that doesn't mean that it isn't possible. If this is any indication, and it should be, Xiaomi has the capability to take even more marketshare from Samsung.

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