Wink And Home Depot To Work Together Offering Various Connected Home Products


Connected home is slowly but surely becoming a thing. Some people like the idea of their house being unlocked via their smartphone or perhaps their lights being turned on when they walk through the front door of their house, other however don't share the same sentiment mainly due to security reasons. We have some good news for the former group today, if they're located in North America that is.

North American retailer Home Depot has decided to partner up with Quirky's division Wink in order to offer you a slew of devices which you will be able to purchase in Home Depot. User will be able to control these devices through Quirky's Wink application which acts like an app-based hub for a number of products from different companies, like Phillips and Dropcam for example. Customers will be able to purchase the mentioned devices in early September along with an optional Wink Hub which will work alongside the app installed on your Android or iOS phone in order to control various devices you have purchased. Note that the Wink Hub isn't necessary for a number of products though, like Phillips Hue lights and Dropcam Pro for example which connect directly to a router via Wi-Fi. Zigby and Z-Wave on the other hands do require Wink Hub, it all depends on which product you purchase.


It's easy to know which do and which don't require the Wink Hub though, all you have to do is look at a retail box which will indicate if it's Wink App compatible and does it require a Wink Hub in order to work. Wink app even lets you pair different products together in order for them to function as a unit, "Robots" option for example let you to set macro commands in order for a group of products to perform the same action. Via the "Shortcuts" option you can set a shortcut which will for example turn a bunch of Phillips Hue lights on at the same time, or just one if you prefer it that way. And finally "Activity" option, which lets you schedule certain actions via the app.

This seems like a good move by Wink, considering this will get them the required attention which they need in order to sell products. This of course doesn't have to mean their sales will fly of the shelves, but it might be a good start. Do you own any products like these?

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