Veu Theme Developer Arz Bhatia Designs Dynamic Systems Bars For Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android is known for doing some amazing work in the ROM community, and they're always quick to update the users on what's new and what will be added in future releases. The same goes for the newest bit of information that they passed along via Google+ today, although at this point in time they haven't mentioned anything about a release date. If you're already on the latest available build of the PA ROM than today's post is certainly directed at you as it has to do with stuff you'll most likely be able to look forward to with the next build. Of course, it's also directed at anyone looking to give Paranoid Android a try for the first time, whether you wait for the new build or not.

Paranoid Android is bringing some color to our lives with something they're calling Dynamic System Bars, which is basically taking the old, boring and bland black colors of the status and nav bars, and giving them a splash of vibrant color. The Paranoid Android ROM is gaining this awesome new feature tweak thanks to designer Arz Bhatia who is known for design work with the PA team and doing some awesome work with Paranoid Android Themes, and with some major development work from Valter Strods who has worked magic with the ROM since he's been part of the team. The Dynamic System Bars are in part a collective of PA style with elements from Arz's PA theme called Veu, a theme I have been personally using for a while and is a much loved favorite. The theme itself provides some really cool Material Design type looks for the inside of some of the system apps like Gmail among others, but together with the new Dynamic System Bars you can really give your device a unique and colorful look to match your style and personality.

Themeing is one of the best parts of PA, although not the only great thing about it, and this new feature simply takes things a bit further and gives the user a little something extra to work with if they really want to make their device look original. The team at PA mentions that they still need to work out some of the rough edges, but they point out the base concept is strong and as always they urge us to Stay Paranoid. Hats off to the PA team, but specifically Valter Strods and Arz Bhatia for bringing this awesome new tweak to an absolute favorite among the ROM community.


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