Verizon Starts New $60 Single Line Plan

Verizon Logo AH 11

The wireless industry is a very competitive industry, and while that is a true statement Verizon has always tried to steer clear of being too competitive. The idea behind Verizon is their service is one of the top rated services in the US, so why discount too much? However, they still need to gain the attention of potential new subscribers. In order to do just that, Verizon has slyly released a new single line plan that will only set you back $60 a month.

The new single line plan from Verizon may be one of their lowest priced plans to date. Costing only $60, the user will get unlimited talk and text with 2GB of included data services. Verizon will also let you take an additional $10 off per month if you purchase a new phone using their Edge program. If you decide to take advantage of that deal, you will however still be paying off the price of the phone, which means the bill will still be higher than $60-depending on the phone. Single line plans are something that Verizon has played around with since March, however competition wasn’t their strong suit-at least not for pricing. When the new single line plans were introduced, they had a $60 plan that got you 1GB of data, $75 for 2GB of data and these prices were not very competitive at all. However with the new pricing, the $60 plan is $5 shy of the same plan offered by AT&T.

Verizon’s new Single line plan actually is more competitive with their very own “More Everything” plans. In fact, the single line $60 plan would save you roughly $30 compared to the More Everything plan that comes with 2GB of data. Still, Verizon is the number one rated carrier in the US at the moment. That could be one of the reasons they don’t feel the need to compete too much with the other carriers in the market. What are your thoughts, what carrier are you currently using? Do you like the plans they offer? Do you think Verizon needs to compete more when it comes to pricing in the US market, or does their service speak for itself? Let us know in the comments down below or on our G+ page.