Verizon Introduces Push To Talk Services For Business Accounts

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Push to talk has always been a very popular choice amongst businesses for remaining in contact with employees. The reason for that is the speed at which information can be shared between everyone. Verizon has teamed up with Kodiak Networks to bring Push to Talk to their customers, while also providing 4G LTE networks. Kodiak Networks is a company that provides Push to Talk technologies across every platform. Through apps, Kodiak has integrated Push to Talk into Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, BlackBerry, and more. The option allows for users who need both a smartphone with 4G LTE capabilities as well as Push to Talk capabilities to have both with ease. Now, through teaming up with Verizon, users can take advantage of the option known as Push to Talk Plus.

In a blog post on Verizon’s news site they state that the new PTTP system will allow companies to hold conference calls with upwards of 30 people at a time. This could be difficult with everyone speaking at once, but they will be using a Hangouts like feature called “Talking Priority” which “allows the initiator to override a group call and be the only speaker everyone hears.” Keeping the busy world of business in mind, Verizon and Kodiak also have a feature called “Late Join”.

Sometimes not all employees can be available at the same times. Since this is often very true, “Late Join” allows for some members of the conference call to join a bit late. Also, in case someone needs to leave, and return later, there is a feature called “Rejoin”. “Rejoin” does exactly what it sounds like, and allows people to leave the call, and come back when they can that way they aren’t missing out on too much of the conversation. Last but not least, Verizon is allowing for Push to Talk over WiFi as well. Currently, Verizon is only offering the service on a set number of devices, the Droid Maxx, Samsung Galaxy S5 and a few more. Verizon does plan to allow for more devices to take advantage of Push to Talk. The ease of adding the feature is just calling the B2B sales reps, and asking them to add the feature. The service will be free for the first six months, and then will cost $5/month after that.