Uber Embarrassing; People Are Apparently Mistaking Strangers Vehicles For Uber Rides

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Monday may be associated with bad vibes and all around general discontent at the start of a new work week for many, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy a bit of comedy now and again. Basically, we’re saying that Mondays don’t have to suck. With that, perhaps this will perk some of you up. It would appear that members of Uber and Lyft have been mistaking random vehicles belonging to complete and total strangers that aren’t Uber or Lyft drivers, for the drivers that were sent to pick them up after having reserved a ride. Reports of individuals ordering rides from Uber and then attempting to hop in the wrong cars have been hitting the web today, due to those people thinking that the vehicles they were trying to enter were the reserved rides.

Now for the person driving, it may not seem like something funny while in the moment, in fact for some it may have even been a little bit alarming, frustrating or just downright annoying, but after learning of what was going on it should be easy to look back on the situation and laugh at it. I suppose it all depends on how it originally goes down. Still, the fact that this is happening is rather hilarious from where we’re sitting, and maybe that’s because no one has tried to and succeeded in getting in my car personally.

Short of being potentially maddening to the people who are driving, something like this makes for a really awkward situation. Just imagine pulling up to a stop at local hotspot and having some random person open the back door and hop in. That of course depends on your outlook. Are situations like these a product of being too engaged with the smartphones that we used to reserve rides? We suppose that could be the case for some people, but more often it seems this is a just an unfortunate side effect of people not paying close enough attention. While it seems funny to sit back and read about these types of scenarios about others, it serves as a great reminder to make sure you do the things needed not to put yourself in this position. If you don’t drive with your doors locked, you might now, even if you don’t live in a city where Uber and Lyft rides operate.