Top Android Homescreen August 29th Edition: Transparent Weather


It's Friday which means plenty of time to customize your homescreens over the weekend, and we have a fresh one for you straight from the pages of mycolorscreen as always. This weeks pick is from a someone we have featured once before, an individual that goes by the name of Kebogiraz. In the spirit of complete and total transparency, this weeks homescreen is called Transparent Weather. It's a great homescreen if you love to include the weather details so you always have the most up to date information on what the weather will be like at any given time without having to do much else but unlock your display.

This homescreen provides fully editable shapes, so after you apply the files for the skin you can easily tweak them to your liking. For starters, this look is going to require you have a few different apps. The main one which should be the most obvious as generally any homescreen we pick is going to include something like it, is Zooper Widget Pro. Make sure to grab this from the Play Store. You'll also need to pick a third party home launcher, either Apex or Nova launcher will be needed, although this will not require the pro or prime versions of the app and you can stick with the free one. Lastly you'll also need media utilities, another free application. Hit the Play Store and grab these and install, and afterwards you're almost home free. Make sure to set your homescreen grid to 8×6, and disable the status and navigation bars up top and down bottom to help complete this look.


The files for the Zooper Skin can be found by hitting the link posted on the mycolorscreen page for this skin,(you can get to the page at mycolorscreen from the source link below)as Kebogiraz readily provides them for any users that want to set this homescreen up. As always when you jump to the mycolorscreen page, make sure to "zoom" the picture and hit the love button to show some appreciation for the work and the free files. Cheers and have a great weekend!


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