Top Android Homescreen August 22nd Edition: The Player-Light Grey

It's that time of the week again, time to settle up your work week's affairs, grab everything you can from the office and head home for the weekend to enjoy a cool two days of freedom. That is, for those of you that can stay away from work for that long. Sometimes even when we're not working we're still really working. you know how it is right? Whether you're stepping away from the desk for a full 48 hours or whether you'll be checking in on things now and again, you should at least be able to find some time to carve out a few moments to enjoy some great homescreen customizations. As always we pick what we feel is a captivating homescreen from mycolorscreen and throw it up here for you all to enjoy.

This week's pick is called The Player, and it was created by an individual on mycolorscreen that goes by the name of kebogiraz. What we liked about this homescreen setup is that it provides a somewhat minimal look to it while still managing to add an element of flare through the music player style buttons and design. Yet, even with these unique customizations, there's still no clutter on the screen and things remain clean and fresh. Simple. To get things going, you'll need a few different apps, which is per usual with the homescreen design we pick each week. You'll need a home launcher replacement app, like Apex, although Nova is extremely similar and should work as well for what you need. Kebo list's that he was able to achieve this look with the free version so good news for those of you that aren't ready to throw down a few bucks for a home launcher app just yet. You will also need Zooper Pro, which will set you back a couple of bucks. Lastly you'll need an app called Media Utilities. Once you have all of those installed, set your homescreen grid to 8 x 6, and disable the notification bar(status bar up top)and the navigation bar(the dock down at the bottom). Kebo mentions that he hasn't been able to share the download files for Zooper just yet, but leaving him a quick little message on the homescreens page should get you a notification of when he posts them. For us, the coolest part is the volume knob. What do you think?

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