Featured: Top 10 Best Android Apps – July 2014 Edition


Bamboo PaperBamboo Paper

There are a good number of different drawing and editing applications out there compatible with Android, but Bamboo, the company behind the Wacom tablets used by graphic designers has come out with their own Android app that contains a rather surprising amount of powerful functions that one could use drawing and editing right on their tablet. The app lets you take notes, and sketch on the fly, and you can export or share your different notebooks with your friends or colleagues either through social media or through other apps like Evernote or Dropbox. Bamboo Paper is free and you can grab it from the link here.

Amazon WalletAmazon-Wallet-AH-1

Amazon Wallet is Amazon's submission into the digital wallet applications category similar to what you will find with PayPal and Google Wallet. You can store your loyalty and rewards cards, your gift cards, and your membership cards so you don't have to carry those things around with you. You can enter all your information into the app by typing it in or you can simply take a picture using the camera on your phone, and once stored you can tap on each card to find participating merchants and use those cards there. The app is free and ad-free, and works on any Android smartphone running Android 4.0 or higher.

Madefire Motion Books And ComicsMadefire

If you enjoy comics and love to read them, you might already be transitioning to reading them digitally and on the go. While there are likely a good few apps out there that provide such a service, Madefire Motion Books and Comics seeks to draw your attention at the wonderful storytelling that goes on within their app compared to others. Don't just swipe through to read words on the page, swipe through the pages one by one as they come to life right before your eyes using this awesome app. Madefire has a large collection of motion books that feature sound, 360 degree panoramic views, same day releases of some of the most popular comics as they're released in print format and much more. Some content will be free while others will cost a fee through direct IAP. You can grab Madefire Motion Books and Comics for free from the link.



Knock is an amazing little app that seeks to change the way people communicate. Text messaging may be the preferred way to get a hold of people and have conversations but they don't always get answered, simply because people don't feel they have the same urgency. What knock does is allows you to send a "Knock" which is essentially a message to any of your Knock contacts(yes they have to be using Knock as well)and it appears on  their screen as a phone call. The recipient will have a set of options on how to respond, including any number of preset messages that are pre-installed or created by that user. It's actually pretty cool, and relays how important the message can be but is also a quick response from the other person since they shouldn't have to type anything out. They can however if they feel the need. Knock is free to use.

FreeFlight 3FreeFlight3

FreeFlight 3 is the companion app that allows you to control and interface with the minidrones coming out from Parrot. The app is compatible with two new drones that we just recently reported today would be available at Sprint starting on August 15th. Those minidrones are called the Rolling Spider and the Jumping Sumo, both of which have cameras affixed so you can see everything that's going on and control your drones with ease. The app is utterly useless if you don't own one of the two Parrot minidrones listed above, but if that is the case than that gives you all the more reason to get one! Plus they're just plain awesome. The minidrones will cost but the app of course is free.


nowPaper is an app full of wallpapers for your Android device that are designed and crafted with inspiration from the banner art withing Google Now. If you enjoyed the art found within Google Now that changes based on location and time of day and just generally found the art style appealing, awesome artist Alex Pasquarella has made it simple for you to have that look on your homescreen any time with this app. The app includes Muzei support with time cycling so that the wallpapers will shift somewhat like the way the banners do in Google Now, and they correspond to dawn, day dusk and night, which makes it that much cooler. nowPaper will cost you $0.99 if you wish to pick it up.



Floatify is an app that aims to make your notifications smarter. It shows you your notifications in a "latest" or "stacked" view, and you can interact with the notification pop-up, expand it to full size, and even open or cancel it. You can setup a smart blacklist so that only certain apps pop up via Floatify, keeping the important and private ones, well… more private. Configuration is fairly simple and there is a wake notification feature that has a built auto pocket detection. You can even customize Floatify's style to your liking with different things like pop-up size, position, color, and animation, and even choose from whole style presets so you don't have to do much work. Floatify is free and you can grab it from the link.


Journey is an app all about journaling, but with a human touch. The app provides a good clean interface styled after the Material Design guidelines, and allows you to capture moments no matter where you are. You can markdown shortcuts and enter photographic entries, and of course it boasts a character and word count so you can keep track of how long entries are. It features a sync across device via your Google account, you can swipe between entries for easy reading and keep things secure and private with the passcode. Journey is free to use, however there will be some features and things you can buy via IAP.

Notific Notific

Notific is another notification app that allows you to interact with your notifications from your lockscreen so that you don't have to spend time going through the process of unlocking your phone, navigating to the notification or the app, opening them, and then finally interacting with the email, SMS, or social feed post that has just come in. The screen turns on automatically when you get a notification, and you can blacklist and whitelist specific apps of course so that you can control what pops up on your screen. You can grab a free version of Notific or pick up the paid version which gives you some extra features which costs $0.99.


Lock Screen ClubLockscreen Club

Lock screen Club is an interesting one. It basically lets you customize your lockscreen with a theme and share it with the world, but it's much more that. It has tons of features and customization options, you can choose from hundreds of premade themes that you can use to build and share your own lockscreen, and there is a built in tool to create your very own theme which you can share through the app so others can download and use it as well. There are even special themes created by artists. All themes are in Full HD and separated by category so they're easy to find. There is also a smart panel for notifications and you can even embed widgets. Lockscreen club is free to use and you can grab it from the link.