Ting Reveals Their Monthly Users Bills, The Prices Are Surprising


For many Americans, we pay tons of money on cellular plans every month. Of course there are companies that are cheaper like Mobile Virtual Network Operators, but not too many people are convinced by their plans. Well the Tucows owned MVNO, Ting, has made it clear that when it comes to saving money, Mobile Virtual Networks can save you a ton. According to a blog post on Ting's website, the company revealed the average amount of money their customers paid for the month of July. The results are quite surprising and will make you consider switching.

For a single user, the bill came out to just $26. For a family of four people the total bill came out to just $71. Now compare those prices to large carriers such as AT&T with their $100 family plan or Verizon with their $40 monthly access that has limited data. To break things down even more, the $26 a month user racked up 250 voice minutes and 365 text messages. The single users on Ting's service also don't use that many gigabytes of data, with just 314MB used a month. For the family of four, only 865MB was used. With these numbers, it shows that many mobile smartphones users aren't using their services as much as big carriers expect us to do. According to Cisco Systems latest Visual Networking Index, the most data used by smartphones is 1.38GB. That's a lot less than expected due to the unlimited data plans companies give out.

Like every other MVNO out there in the world, Ting offers budget friendly plans that people who are trying to save money go for. According to Tucows VP of Marketing, Michael Goldstein, Ting's 70,000 customers use networks at their home, office and public Wi-Fi, which helps minimize the amount of data they use on a monthly basis. Ting, which uses Sprint's CDMA and LTE networks makes saving money possible by only charging you by what you use instead of what they think you need. Not everyone uses all of the unlimited data they get, or uses all of those unlimited text messages. To sum everything up, if you happen to be one of those people that isn't a power user, then Mobile Virtual Network Operators such as Ting are right for you. If you're interested at looking at the numbers than take a peak below.


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