Teamviewer Quick Support Gets Updated Device Compatibility To Include LG And Others

If you're an IT professional, are studying things in school that might have to do with IT in some way, or just generally like to beable to access things remotely, chances are that you may have heard of Teamviewer and the Teamviewer QuickSupport application for Android. The app lets you remote in to access your phone from your PC, which can serve as a pretty useful feature to have on hand should you need something that is located on your Android device's internal storage or need to make any changes to the device like close a process or manage your apps. There are other apps that can help do this of course, but Teamviewer is one of the better ones and some people may just feel more comfortable with it if they already use other Teamviewer services from their PC.

The only issue for some with the app in the past is that it had limited support, meaning that it was compatible with a small handful of devices at first, and slowly expanded to include other OEMs. It started out with only Samsung, and later moved on to include some devices from other OEMs like Lenovo, and ASUS, but now with the latest update if you use an HTC, LG, Huawei, Intel, Casio or iOnik device, the app is now supported and you can use those devices out of the box with the app so you can access files and make any device changes needed from a PC or Mac.

The support update states that the newly listed devices should be compatible out of the box, but some users are reporting issues with the compatibility with devices listed as now supported. Like HTC for example. Since we noticed some of the comments pointing this out, we felt the need to mention it although you most likely won't experience any issues. To fully take advantage of this app and control things remotely you also have to make sure that you have the companion client installed on your PC before attempting to remote into your phone, and make sure things are properly configured as well. The app is free to use, and the update should be live for everyone. It's possible that those who noted the lack of support for listed devices may just have the updated version, something to think about.

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