T-Mobile Surpasses All Others To Become The Number One Provider In Prepaid

Prepaid services have come a long way since a mere 5 years ago. Competitive prepaid wireless services plans are available on every major network here in the U.S., but as of today,(and maybe it should go without saying)T-mobile has now surpassed all other major carriers in the U.S. for the number one spot in available prepaid wireless service plans. That means Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T are all behind the nation's number four wireless provider when it comes to non-contracted prepaid plans, an achievement that likely wasn't a walk in the park since competition had likely started to heat up to combat T-Mobiles amazing deals when it comes to prepaid. Just because it wasn't a walk in the park doesn't mean it was too difficult either, as T-Mobile has had pretty competitive and attractive prepaid plans for quite some time.

T-Mobile has had a strings of promising and otherwise fairly successful quarters recently, adding tons of new subscribers, and they have been making big pushes on their prepaid wireless services for the last year or two. After this latest(and also strong)quarterly performance report T-Mobile had the success and the edge they needed to overtake all three other major carriers and grab the prepaid service crown. Prepaid service has become increasingly more popular in the last couple of years and T-mobile has recognized the importance and the desire for a strong and competitive prepaid set of service plans for customers, which has led them to this point. As a former customer of one of their regular postpaid plans for the better part of 10 years, moving over to one of their prepaid plans was the best decision I ever made in regards to my wireless service.

Personal feelings aside about the wonders of T-Mobile prepaid, T-mobile's most recent reported numbers show that they have a whopping 15.64 million prepaid wireless subscribers on their network which is about .45 million more customers more than Sprint on prepaid plans now, as the nations third largest network boasts 15.19 million prepaid subscribers. AT&T holds about 11.34 million prepaid subscribers, and Verizon brings up the rear in this category with 6.04 million. T-Mobile still ranks as the number four network in terms of subscriber numbers as a whole, but ever since John Legere took over the company has been making some much needed changes that have not only shaken up the industry but also the way T-mobile does business and the types of services they offer to customers. Because of these changes, T-Mobile has been rapidly closing the gap between them and their competitors, putting them on a growth path that could lead them to potentially leave the ranking of the fourth largest carrier in the U.S., and their prepaid services have become an important part of that, and may just play the biggest role in getting to that point.

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