T-Mobile To Roll out 20x20MHz 4G LTE in All major Metro Areas

T Mobile John Legere at CES14

T-Mobile has been on a roll in the past year or so. Going from not having an LTE network at all, to being almost completely rolled out. Which is why they are working on Wideband LTE. Some of you may not know what this is, but basically it means more bandwidth. Typically we have 5x5MHz for LTE, but with Wideband LTE we have 10×10 or 15x15MHz, which equals double or triple the bandwidth. Which is why we have faster speeds now, in areas that have Wideband LTE. I saw a bit of a bump here in Detroit. But nothing too crazy. Went from around 30mbps to about 45mbps.

According to T-Mobile’s CFO, Braxton Carter, it looks like T-Mobile will be upgrading their major metro area towers to 20x20MHz at some point. He didn’t give any type of info as to when, but it probably won’t be soon, as they are working to get 10x10MHz or 15x15MHz available in all their markets. They are also planning on expanding past 20x20MHz and going to 30×30 and 40×40 which would bring in a ton of bandwidth for everyone in those areas, which will keep T-Mobile’s speeds up to par with where they are now, as they add more and more customers to their network.

“That speed translates into significant 4G data capacity that we can put over the network,” Carter stated. “The faster it’s going through the pipe, the more we can carry over the pipe.” The carrier’s long-term goal is to have at least 20×20 MHz LTE configurations “in all of our major metropolitan areas,” he said.

Currently, T-Mobile has 15x15MHz Wideband LTE in 17 markets, and plan to have it in 26 markets by the end of the year. Their LTE network currently covers 239 million POPs and plan to have 250 million POPs covered by the end of 2014.