T-Mobile Releases SIM Unlock App But Only For One Handset

August 8, 2014 - Written By Jamil Bryant

If you are planning to go out of the country soon, than we have an app for you that you may want. The only downside to this app is that you will have to schedule your vacation for sometime later this year or maybe next year because the app is only available on one phone right now. But if you do have this phone than you can pack your bags and catch a flight.

So what is this app that you will need for your overseas trip? Well a sim unlocking app of course! U.S. carrier T-Mobile has released a Sim Unlocking app that will let you use your phone on other GSM networks. Sounds unbelievable right? Well there is a small catch, the SIM Unlock app is only available for the low-end Samsung Galaxy Avant. According to Android Central, “We were able to install it with ease on a couple other phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S5, but unlocking was a no-go.” As you can see, the app can be downloaded to any device, the only problem is, you cannot unlock the SIM.

So what does the T-Mobile SIM Unlock app do? Well there are two options of unlocking to choose from. If you are going out of the country for a short period of time, than you have the option for a temporary unlock. The temporary unlock only lasts for 30 days, any longer and your phone’s SIM will be locked again. A permanent unlock is available but there is as well a catch. You have to reach certain eligibility requirements such as ┬áhaving an active line on T-Mobile for 40 days, 18 consecutive payments, an account balance of zero, and having your EIP (Equipment Installation Plan) paid in full. If the requirements are met, than a permanent unlock can be done to your SIM.

From the looks of things, the reason for T-Mobile releasing the SIM unlock app on a low-end device is to test the waters before they take it to high-end phones. The app does show up in the Play Store but the usability of the app only works for the Galaxy Avant. While we wait for the SIM Unlock app to be available for all phones, share your thoughts about the app in the comments section.