T-Mobile Now Allows For Up To 6 Lines On A Family Plan

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T-Mobiles services are very easy to choose from as they are very self explanatory and straightforward. These straight forward plans are known as Simple Choice plans and T-Mobile has both single and family Simple Choice plan options. The family Simple Choice plan has been rumored to be getting some upgrades, and today some of those upgrades have been confirmed. Users who are looking for a family Simple Choice plan can now add up to 6 lines per account.

In July, a leaked memo pointed to some changes to the family Simple Choice plan at T-Mobile. In the leaked memo, there was talk about adding up to 10 voice lines and 5 mobile internet lines per account. The breakdown was as simple as any of the T-Mobile plans. T-Mobile offers a basic Simple Choice plan that costs $50 per month for the first line. When a consumer adds a second line, it costs $30. Then adding more lines, specifically lines 3-6 will cost $10 each. Then, if the consumer adds more lines those(7-10) would cost $20 each. That would make a family Simple Choice plan with 10 lines cost $200 per month-at least this is how things were thought to work. A few weeks after the leaked memo, there was more confirmation that these changes would be taking effect soon-with an August 17th start date. In addition to the above information, it was found out that T-Mobile would also be keeping the 2.5GB promotion running until 2016. The promotion allows for an included 2.5GB of data per line on the basic Simple Choice plan. When 2016 comes around, the promotion will end and each line will come with only 1GB of data. Still, the leaked memos have proven to be partially correct-thus far.

After almost exactly a month from when the first leaked memo surfaced, there have been some changes on T-Mobile’s website. Consumers can now add up to 6 lines on their family plan, which is only partially what we saw in the memos past. Though it’s a bit strange that the addition of 6 lines, on August 17th were bits of information that were correct in the memos. Which begs the question, what about the rest of the information? It’s entirely possible that T-Mobile has changed their minds as to whether they would offer a total of 10 lines on a family account. Another possibility is that the additional lines could be qualifying lines only. Meaning a certain credit rating is needed or history with T-Mobile. There could be many reasons why only parts of the memo have turned out to be correct.