Swype Introduces New Pro-Sports Keyboard Themes Beginning With Major League Soccer


Swype is a popular favorite among those who have chosen to opt for an alternative keyboard on their Android smartphones and tablets, and today Nuance communications and Swype are announcing one more reason for people to be excited about using Swype. New keyboard themes. Not just any keyboard themes, but keyboard themes based off of Major League Soccer. Swype is a great third party keyboard option for the learning and swiping features alone, giving users a way to quickly type without ever lifting their finger from the screen. Themes are an awesome added benefit though as people love to customize. According to Swype, the community of users have most requested a keyboard theme that lets them customize the look and feel of their keyboard with their favorite teams while also letting them connect and engage with them, so now Swype will be offering up themes based on MLS.

Major League Soccer themes are also just the first set of sport oriented themes for the platform, as Swype plans to introduce other pro-sports branded keyboard themes later on. Swype hasn’t mentioned exactly which pro soccer teams will be available as themes, but we would imagine all teams in Major League Soccer would be included. Swype is kicking things off today so if you’re ready to wear your favorite team on your keyboard and proudly display your colors, you can grab any of the themes from the full version of Swype keyboard as of now. The full version of Swype is a paid app and for a limited time during the promotion to celebrate the launch of these new pro sports branded keyboard themes, Swype has discounted the cost of the keyboard to just $0.99.

The themes themselves are available as in-app-purchases for a $1.99 a piece, all you need to do is pick your team and apply the theme to the keyboard from inside the settings menu. If you have never used Swype before, it is incredibly easy to use and provides a great typing experience with fairly fast and accurate results. If you’re huge on sports, and have a love for soccer, check out the themes and see if they deliver a look and style that you’d appreciate. I’m more partial to simple colors myself, as I like the minimalist and simply understated keyboard styles.