Swing Copters Lands in the Play Store; Brings Infuriating Flappy Bird Gameplay Back



A little while ago, we heard that the creator of Flappy Bird was to return with another game dubbed Swing Copters. The teaser trailer showed us gameplay which looked remarkably like Flappy Bird's own, and now it's available for all to try out in the Play Store. You might be wondering what's changed and, if you can believe it, Swing Copters is even more infuriatingly tricky to master than Flappy Bird was. The main aim of the game is to guide your 'copter through the gates by heading up while tapping to keep going. Sounds easy, right? Wrong.


Instead of being something that people will be able to pick up nice and quickly, Swing Copters features a motion component that tasks you with moving your device left and right to guide your 'copter left and right in game. This is extremely sensitive and thus helps create a difficult and challenging gameplay experience that will have even the most patient users pulling their hair out. I've not spent a huge amount of time with the game yet – and I'm perhaps unlikely to – but I found it extremely difficult, and I'm someone that prefers to play games at their most difficult setting. Either way, if you actually enjoyed Flappy Bird and you want more of the same, without having to resort to one of the bajillion clones out there, then Swing Copters could be the game for you.

Swing Copters comes from the same GEARS studio and the graphical style is remarkably similar to Flappy Bird with the same sort of sound effects to boot. It's completely free on both Android and iOS, but for some reason there is no way to get rid of ads in the Android version, but then again we shouldn't be that surprised. If you'd like to give the game a go, just head on over to the source link and see what score you can get. Or, you know, play something else? Choice is yours.

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