Sponsored Game Review: Willing Ball



Description: Simple addictive games are sometimes the best, as they're extremely easy to play and provide you with quick access to a game that can be played whether you have just five minutes or an hour to kill. Willing Ball is one such game as it's a simple game that tasks you with keeping the soccer ball up in the air by bouncing it off the players head, and seeing how long you can keep it in the air to up your score. There is one control, and that's touching and dragging the player to the inside of the circle and from there, dragging him accordingly to bounce the ball and keep it from flying off screen and out of bounds.


How It Works: When it comes to downloading and installing apps, the Play Store is where you need to go to grab Willing Ball and install it on your device. You can also find it on iTunes.

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Opening the game will greet you with some playful music, which feels like it helps to convey the playfulness and simplicity of the game. The game is free and ad-supported which is fine as the ads seem to pop up only upon opening the app. After that they sit as a banner at the bottom and out of the way.


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At first it seems that because this is a simple game to play that it will actually be simple to keep the ball in the air but looks can be deceiving. Keeping it the air for an extremely high score will prove more challenging than you think.

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Bouncing the ball is one part of the game and certainly the main part as it raises your score, sometimes though bouncing it may be not be the best option, and you'll want to try and rest the ball on the players shoulder. This will stop the ball from bouncing really high and allow you to potentially re-position.

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Bouncing the ball off of different parts of the players head will also double the score you are given, but also makes bouncing it the next time more difficult as the ball will bounce up at an angle and require you to drag the player to catch it coming down.



You'll be able to see your best score along with your current score each time you play, so as to give yourself some motivation to beat your previous score.

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After you receive a "game over" there will be an option to share your stats via Facebook, which could allow for a challenge between friends if they're to play the game as well. You'll also have the ability to submit your high scores to the leaderboard if they're high enough.

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Opinion: The game is pretty basic, but that is what makes it easy to play and somewhat addicting. You can easily pick it up and play it for a minute or two if that's all you have and sometimes that's all you need. As a gamer, even just a tiny game fix can put a smile on my face. It's also simple enough that anyone of all ages should be able to play it which makes this a great game for kids, especially if you're trying to keep them entertained.



  • Speed (4/5) – Being able to play this quickly is crucial given the nature of the game type, and that is exactly what you get. A fast play experience.
  • Features (3.5/5) – There is less going on here than most games, but for what it is that is completely OK and will be the perfect type of game for some people.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – There is a good use of color and the UI definitely makes the game feel more like a sports game.
  • overall (4/5) – It's a simple game that is still fun and easy for anyone to play, which is its strength. It can also be addicting to attempt for a better high score.


  • Easy to pick up and play anytime
  • Simple controls make this a game that even kids can play with ease
  • Addictive and fun
  • leaderboards and Facebook share


  • The simplicity of it may turn some people off

Conclusion: Willing Ball is one of those games that is fun because you aren't required to do a whole lot to play it. The only control element is to drag the player around the screen to continue bouncing the ball for the highest score you can possibly get making it easy to control. Kids should love this game and even older kids, teens and adults should be able to get into it if they're looking for something that they can pick up and play for just a few minutes.