Sponsored Game Review: Transport Empire


Description: At some point or another everyone dreams of creating their own empire. Vast and large and servicing plenty of townsfolk thus earning unlimited wealth. Transport Empire can help you achieve those goals by setting out to create the biggest and most profitable empire of transportation services that the town of Storwell has ever seen. Transport Empire will task you with developing cities and building them up to make profit by transporting goods, with multiple vehicles and charming steampunk characters to interact with. This is an economic strategy game that will require a tiny bit of critical thinking to maximize your profits, but the game looks and sounds very easy to play. Lets get into what it's all about shall we?

How It Works: You can develop Storwell without the game installed on your device. So first you'll have to run to the Play Store and grab the app by hitting the download button To install Transport Empire.


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Becoming a business tycoon is easier than you think, especially once you spend just a few minutes with this game. There are handy little walkthroughs to get you acquainted with how the game works and what to do for the first little bit, which makes it easy to keep from being confused.

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At first you're met by a charming individual who claims she is rather busy and has to arrange some business, but she mentions that you can tag along for the ride. You say yes, and then your journey begins.

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You'll learn all about building roads, accepting contracts for transport and building the vehicles needed to transport those goods in the beginning, so it's easy to catch on quickly so you can really start building all kinds of stuff and developing your towns to make even more money and become the biggest tycoon of transportation services there ever was.


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Transport Empire boasts three types of vehicles, all of which you'll have to use at some point to transport goods to other towns near or far. You'll start by building your first train, then later on you move onto building the steamboats and airships as well.

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You'll have to gather resources to build up different things, and as you grab supplies for developing roads or other materials, as well as build towns and collect the rewards for completing tasks, you'll level up which will allow you to do more and complete things faster.

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Each task will have a cost and a reward associated with it, and it will also have a designated about of time to which it will take to complete said task. Once you're finished, you can collect your reward(revenue)which can be more materials, money, and you'll always get some amount of experience.


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Opinion: Transport Empire is one of those games that will have plenty for you to do. The game can be fun but it will also at some point require you to have a somewhat strategic approach to whatever you're doing. This adds not only fun but a tiny bit of a challenging element to the game. Transport Empire is great because you can go in and play for ten or fifteen minutes and then set your tasks, all which take time, and then you can exit out and let things complete until later on. It has a great pick up and play mentality that adapts itself to a few minutes or an hour of play time.


  • Speed (4.5/5) – The app runs great and it feels nice and smooth during just about every interaction within the game
  • Features (5/5) – There is more than enough to do in this game to keep players entertained, from completing quests, to developing and building up cities and things to help your transport empire grow.
  • Theme (5/5) – The colors, graphics, and animations are all very gorgeous and high resolution. The steampunk style of the UI is very enjoyable as well and helps with immersion.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – If you love steampunk themed stuff, and you enjoy strategic economy and builder games than you absolutely should take a look at Transport Empire


  • Steampunk theme is really cool and makes for a more enjoyable play through
  • lots of stuff to do like build cities and boost your economy
  • High resolution graphics are beautiful and really grab the attention
  • Helpful walkthroughs to help acquaint the gamer with how things work


  • Some might find the waiting times to be too long for some task completions

Conclusion: The steampunk theme surely gives Transport Empire a cooler appeal. Strategic economy games are widely popular and Transport Empire seems to have captured everything that people love about these types of games while also adding in some cool stuff of their own. The graphics are pretty to look at which is a big bonus and you can play it for just a few minutes or a longer period of time. There are lots of characters, storyline elements, tasks and resource gathering to keep people entertained and busy.