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Description: Shadow Fight 2 is a mix between a role playing game and a fighting game, blending together elements from both genres. The combat is purely fighting game style but you can level up and equip your character with new weapons, armor and magics to make him stronger and more resilient to damage just like in an RPG. There is also a storyline to follow as your character was once a renowned human warrior, but against his masters guidance he opened the Gate of Shadows and not only let out all of the demons, but was transformed into a shadow himself. Now his fate has been determined and the only way to fix things is to defeat the demons and close the gate.

How It Works: First off you'll want to head on over to the Play Store. Before you can start fighting against the demon bosses you'll need to download Shadow Fight 2. Once you have that done you can right your wrongs and close the Gate of Shadows.

The fighting sequences feel like they come to life as your character moves in front of the highly detailed backgrounds. The all new animation system is a solid improvement over the old one from the first game.

The all new on-screen touch based controls were designed specifically to work with the gameplay of Shadow Fight 2. Without feeling clunky they provide you with three simple buttons. The D-Pad for movement, and a punch and kick.

You start out with a handful of basic moves, but as you level up and progress through the game you'll earn in game currency which you can spend on new moves to take down your opponents.

Some opponents will be harder than others, and will have a difficulty level associated with them so you can gauge if you're ready for battle or not. If you don't think you can handle it, you can head back to the dojo and brush up on your fighting skills.

With tough opponents, sometimes all you need is some better gear. The in game currency can also help you purchase better gear/equipment like armor, and more powerful weapons with which to attack, and there are hundreds of weapons to choose from.

There are tons of different opponents to fight, so if you're think your near finished you'd be wrong. Your shadow fighter will have to journey through six different worlds with plenty of fighters in each, all leading up to the battle with the demon boss shogun.

Opinion: Shadow Fight 2 seems like a game worthy of your time. The fighting style combat is more than enough to keep anyone engaged, although the movements do feel a little unnatural and were a little tough to get used to. Once I got past that it was fun and I wanted to keep playing. It was addicting trying to level up and work towards buying my next weapon or piece of armor, all so that I could be prepared for the next battle.


  • Speed (4.5/5) - The game seems to take a bit to load, but near everything else seems to run pretty quickly. It definitely plays smoothly and nothing feels sluggish.
  • Features (5/5) - As a genre mixing game title I expected this game to have plenty of features and well, it does. The fighting game style combat is definitely good fun, but the aspect of leveling up, gear progression, and a stroyline to draw you in are all awesome.
  • Theme (5/5) - The theme is well done. Colors are great and background art of the landscapes and levels is clearly painstakingly designed.
  • Overall (4.5/5) - Overall, and especially for a free game, Shadow Fight 2 has lots to offer and was quite fun to play. If you like fighting games and rpg's it's worth a look.


  • RPG style progression with a great story
  • tons of varied weapons and armor
  • tons of attacks and even battle magic to use during fights
  • Amazing background and level designs
  • awesome music that fits the game well and helps to immerse you in playing


  • Loading the game always seems to feel a bit sluggish, more so than it should
  • Controls are tough to get used to due to character movement

Conclusion: Shadow Fight 2 is a game that I would recommend to friends, which says a lot. It does a great job blending two different types of games together and makes them fun and addictive, and adds in lush art and level design along with some pretty cool music to make the game feel more engaging. The graphics are pretty decent and all the animations look pretty cool, and the in-app-purchases aren't in your face at all which is typical of a lot of free to play games. In the end, Shadow Fight 2 is well worth the time.

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