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Description: Pacmite 2 is a love letter to the retro classic fun that you might remember from the days of playing pacman at the arcades or on any number of old school consoles or handhelds. This arcade style retro game is a mix of flappy bird style game play with the things you love about pacman. You tap the screen to control pacmite and your goal is to gobble up fruits while also seeing how far you can take him in the level. Unlike Flappy Bird though Pacmite 2 involves moving objects and other dangers that you'll have to avoid, all on a backdrop of retro style visuals that bring back memories of old style arcades.

How It Works: Before you can rank among the best and claim the top spot as number one, you'll need to open up the Play Store app and download Pacmite 2. Afterwards, open up the game and let addictive fun take over.

Pacmite 2 should have a familiar style gameplay to many as it follows the same "tap to keep your character afloat" style, but with quite a few more challenges than you might first expect, which actually makes for half the fun and less mundane.

Along with tapping to see if you can help Pacmite go the distance, you'll also want to watch out for the fruits that are placed throughout the stage and attempt to pick them up if you can. It can be a little more challenging than you think when you're also trying to dodge pillars and walls.

Gobbling up fruits isn't the only thing you'll need to watch out for, as there are a number of walls, pillars and other moving parts of the level that you can easily run into if you don't pay attention, all of which will end your trial and it's game over for your score.

You might recognize the little ghosts  flying throughout the stage as well, and you'll want to avoid them too. They're called moo-moos, and while they hinder your score you can avoid them by tapping to maneuver around them or you can simply swipe to teleport past them. Teleporting your way out of danger will be a big help at certain points.

There are also some power ups which you can obtain to help you take pacmite even further and get a chance to gobble up even more fruits. Power pellets give Pacmite invincibility powers, while the appetite magnet power will help you gobble up all the fruits around you without touching them. You can even combine all of Pacmites power ups for the most powerful enhancement.

Pacmite comes in a free version which gives you one life and possibly an extra if users "play exceptionally" which means you can score an extra life if you're good enough. The game is also connected to social media so you can challenge friends and compete in leaderboards for the top spot. If you love Pacmite 2 you can pick up the full version for $0.99 which gets rid of ads, and gives you 3 lives instead of one. You also still have the chance to obtain an extra life fir playing well.

Opinion: Of all the games that are very similar to this one, Pacmite 2 has been the most fun as it not only resonates with my feelings of nostalgia, it also throws in fun new elements that make it different from many of the others and honestly quite a bit more fun. I found that tapping to avoid moving parts of the stage as well as the moo moo characters made things more challenging, and the addition of eating fruits to boost your score and power ups to potentially help you go further is a nice touch. I also love the swipe to teleport out of danger feature. The spawn points of the moo moo's, power pellets, and the obstacles are all randomly generated as well, which made things more varied and made each play through feel like new.


  • Speed (4.5/5) - Most of the game is pretty fluid. Opening and closing the app was fast, although I found the game did stutter a bit sometimes.
  • Features (4/5) - This may look like a simple tap to advance game but there is quite a bit more to it that that. The addition of powers and moving obstacles as well as score boosters definitely gives Pacmite 2 and edge.
  • Theme (5/5) - The use of colors and that classic retro feel definitely grabs you in. If you enjoyed classic games like Pacman then you will love this.
  • Overall (4.5/5) - Pacmite 2 is definitely a fun game that anyone can get into, especially if you played old arcade games growing up.


  • Lots of challenging obstacles with varied placement.
  • Power ups are a really nice touch to give the game something different
  • gobbling fruits for an added goal on top of trying to go further in the level for a higher score
  • retro style feel with classic retro design


  • Some users of older devices may experience a small bit of stuttering during gameplay

Conclusion: When it comes to games in this genre, you couldn't find a better one. The multiple elements at play make this much more of an enjoyable game than the rest that are similar to it. The powerups are a nice touch to make things easier should you able to obtain them, but the game is still challenging and thus still retains a level of addictiveness that will make it hard to put down. However it is just the right amount of challenging with a good balance between fun and difficulty.

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