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Description: Monster Shooter Mania is an action/arcade game that tasks you with shooting down waves of monsters, because nobody likes them and you want to keep them from eating you. You are Sergeant Perry Clash, and you sit behind a stack of sandbags defending the the zone that the monsters are trying to break through. You must shoot them down as wave after wave comes at you trying to break through defenses. As you take down monsters you'll earn cash which you can use for upgrades, which will be essential at later points in the game as the levels and the waves will get harder.

How It Works: Before you can defend the city from monsters and the impending doom that is to follow, you'll need to grab the game from the Play Store.


When you open the game, you'll notice that Google Play Games services are involved, which adds layers like achievements and leaderboards to the game. You'll also find that there are a series of different continents or worlds to play through, with each continent containing 30 levels. Each level has a completion rating from 1-3 stars, similar to other games like Angry Birds.

Google Play Games also lets you compete against friends from your circles, or just against random people online globally to see who can rack up the most points by killing the most monsters.

As stated above you earn gold coins for your in-game cash by killing monsters wave after wave and completing levels. You can use those coins to purchase new guns and defenses, and also upgrade them.

There are five different guns involved in the game which include the Rookie Gun, the Soldier's Choice, Heavy Metal, Monster Breaker, and Unstoppable, each one doing more damage and putting out more shots at once than the previous weapon.

There are three types of sandbag defenses each with more durability than the last, and there are five different upgrades that you can buy. As you progress the game and the waves will get harder and you will need these upgrades and stronger defenses.

Opinion: The game is easy enough to get used to the controls as you simply drag your finger around the screen in the direction you want to shoot. As soon as you tap the screen you'll fire your weapon and proceed to take out monsters. The game begins to get much harder than you'd expect though, and quicker than you'd expect as well, which is great because the challenge starts early giving the gamer something to work for. Some of the higher level weapons will cost a decent amount of coins, which will make surviving through later waves that much more of challenge but ultimately more rewarding as well. Definitely a great free game for any fan of wave style defense games.


  • Speed (5/5) - The gameplay, the menus, and even opening closing the game is a fluid experience. Nothing seems jittery or slow.
  • Features (3.5/5) - The game is rather fun and there are good amount of upgrades and levels to keep people entertained for a while.
  • Theme (4/5) - The graphics are decent and the animation of monsters exploding is pretty cool.
  • Overall (4/5) - This is definitely a game that people can have fun with. It's easy to play but becomes challenging to progress which will surely engage people.


  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Progressively challenging levels and wave style gameplay
  • weapon and defense uprgades
  • Google Play Games services for achievements, leaderboards, and multiplayer


  • Some people may be turned off by the simplicity of the game, but most should enjoy it

Conclusion: The fact that Monster Shooter Mania is a simple enough game to pick up and play without much of a learning curve will grab a lot of people's attention and the progressively challenging levels and monster waves should keep them engaged. The different weapons and upgrades will give people something to strive for, and once they have enough to buy that next weapon or defense upgrade, there will also be achievements to unlock as well. Even after single player is completed, people can compete against other gamers through multiplayer and invite people from their circles to compete which may or may not land them a spot in the higher rankings of the leaderboards. Monster Shooter Mania is a well rounded game that many people will love.

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